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Now that the launch of the new generation consoles is approaching, it is worth remembering that on this occasion Microsoft has decided to release its new version of Xbox in two different formats. 

Its launch date is set for November 10th, so in Gocdkeys we are going to help those who want to get the new Xbox Series X console at the most economical price you can find on the internet. 

How can you find the best deal for the Xbox Series X?

Our search engine has been created to show the most affordable prices and offers for the same product, as well as the price variations when even more affordable offers appear. This way we make sure you can always get your new Xbox Series X at the best price

As you can see at the top, there is a list of prices associated with the stores that offer them. These stores are the ones that currently allow you to reserve the new Xbox Series X for anyone who is interested. 

Most of the prices you will find, taking into account that we are so close to the launch date, will be very similar to the standard cost in most stores, which in this case will be 499 euros. However, as time goes by, more and more offers will appear with much higher discounts, so if you belong to the group of people who prefer to wait a while for the price to go down a little, you will be able to get all the potential out of our search engine, since we will let you know as soon as we find variations in the prices. 

What different formats will we find of the new Xbox? 

For the moment we will only list the basic console pack, which includes the new Xbox Series X along with a controller, although in the future we will surely appear other packs with games and even with two controllers or with a subscription to Xbox Game Pass, in which case we will indicate which version it is with a label next to the price of each store. 

What benefits will we get if we buy the Xbox Series X? 

The new Xbox Series X will have a higher price than its sister: the Xbox Series S. However, we will have better technical sections for those who want to get the most out of this new generation of consoles. 

Unlike the S version of the console, the X version has a full 4K resolution, while the S version is 2K. This doesn't mean that X Series users will enjoy games that the S Series can't support, as both will be able to reproduce the entire Xbox game catalog and will be prepared for Ray-Tracing and Xbox Velocity acceleration technology, but the Xbox Series S will allow the gamer to take the power level of current games one step further. 

The X Series will have a Blue Ray disk reader for your games in physical format, unlike the S that works exclusively with digital format. The storage space will also be larger: 1TB versus 500GB of the S Series, although both have a slot that supports expanding the memory with an official SSD 1TB card, in addition to being compatible with external hard drives. Although it is true that the price of the Xbox X Series is higher, it is clear that the user will be paying for a superior product in many aspects, since its sister is a cheaper option, but it has less power. 

Don't forget that you can create a "Price Alert" from the button at the top of the list to be aware of any drop in the price of the Xbox Series X and get this incredible console at the best possible price.


The console is great I really would want to change it from xbox One. Console is great of readed things in internet about this console. Really cool that there is a website like this so i can see where is the cheapest