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HRK is a digital video game distribution platform. It distributes PC video games with the most competitive prices on the market. HRK gives free bonus random games for each game that you purchase on HRK. The random game worth from $2.99 up to $59.99. Delivery time is instantly and the payment method: PayPal, Credit Card and g2a.

PayPal,G2A,Credit Card 1min.- 5min.

Comments and reviews

i pre order the battlefront 2, in october 6, that is was ok the payment, the releasse of the game was friday 17, and THEY GIVE ME FAKE KEY, it dosent works, i contact with the support team and they say me "We will review this case and we’ll get back to you soon" and i still waiting for the answer 4 days after that
they waste my time, my money,and is the last time that i will used hrk
Be carefull with your money, DONT USE THIS PAGE


DON'T BUY from HRK... Never received the key, nor the Support answered my Inquiry! The Live Chat and the Ticket support are not the same and they usually cannot (or do not want) help... I had tu issue an Chargeback with my Bank... What a pitty.

angry customer...
angry customer...
December 29, 2021

nice game


Good store, I had no issues




i’ve paid 10€ for dayz and got a fake key


Requred me to verify my ID, requiring me to send me my ID and a selfie as verification, and thus putting my order on hold.

November 20, 2018

Like a prices on this site, really good store


Good store, fast delivery and cheap prizes. They have got great offers and some games come with an extra free 2$+ game. I totally recommend the site.


I bought DOOM and the new Devil My Cry on this site and I got my keys instantly, they some of the games come with another random one for free, they say they are over 2.99€ worth but most of them are sold for less than 1€ on their site, still those game are for free so cannot complain.