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Information about Exophobia Code for Nintendo switch

What is the key for Exophobia on Nintendo switch?

It is a key that will allow you to download the game Exophobia on your Nintendo switch from official download platforms.

What's the best price for buying the key of Exophobia for Nintendo switch?

As of Saturday 20/04/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Exophobia on Nintendo switch is $41.01.Check out our recommendations!

Purchase Information for Exophobia Code on Nintendo switch

Available Deals
2 Deals
Available Versions
2 Versions (Account / Standard)
Available Regions
1 Regions (Global)
Top Rated Store
Most Used Store
  • PC


  • OS *: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10
  • 2GHz+
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 128MB
  • Version 9.0
  • 200 MB available space



Available versions of the deals:

  • All versions (2)
    -23% €41.01
  • Account icon Account (1)
    -15% €38.69
  • Physical icon Physical (1)
    -0% €49.95

Order of offers:

Most used
Top Rated

Filters and activation regions:

Only official
With taxes

The cheapest prices of Exophobia NINTENDO SWITCH Key

Exophobia Nintendo (Account) Standard Edition Switch Global
Region Global
Account 59%
Account 4.1
-14% OFF $47.69
-14% OFF
Without taxes
Exophobia Nintendo (Account) Standard Edition Switch Global
Region Global
Physical Physical
Physical 41%
Physical 4.7
Without taxes

There are no stores available at the moment.

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There are no stores available at the moment.

Do you want to buy Exophobia for Nintendo Switch cheaper than in official stores?

So from Gocdkeys, we recommend that you opt for the digital version of the game. Digital versions of Nintendo Switch games are available in eShop Code format, a quick and easy method to download games to your Nintendo Switch.

What is Exophobia eShop Code?

The eShop Code is a digital code that will allow us to download Exophobia for Nintendo Switch. A series of numbers and letters that when introduced in our library of games will allow us to download this game in digital form.

How can we find the cheapest price for the Exophobia eShop Code?

That's our job and we do it very well!

From Gocdkeys we offer a comparison of prices and stores that sell the digital version, in eShop Code format of Exophobia. Simply enter the list and you will see all prices ordered from lowest to highest, so it will be easier to find the best deals and prices in a complete selection of online stores specializing in the sale of digital games. 

You can use our filters to filter by versions or activation regions, to make it easier to find the cheapest Exophobia edition that best suits your needs.

Can I trust the shops that sell Exophobia in digital version?

At Gocdkeys we have been working for years to make sure that only the most reliable stores appear in our game price comparator. Each and every one of them has been checked by our team and they offer the best guarantees that the whole process, from the purchase to the delivery of the game eShop Codes, is done in the fastest and easiest way possible.

What digital versions of Exophobia are available?

Although at Gocdkeys we indicate that it is the eShop Code, it may also be available in Account format. Account formats may require several additional items when redeeming your game, so pay attention before purchasing this version.

You will see on a label, next to the price, the version or edition that is sold in each of the stores. If none of them appears, it means that it is a standard version of the game and in digital eShop Code format.

What do I do after buying the Exophobia eShop Code in any of the stores that appear in Gocdkeys?

Now it's time to activate the game!

Right after your purchase in any of the online stores listed in our platform, you will get in your email the digital code or eShop Code of the game. After that, and always depending on the version of the game you have bought you will have to enter this eShop Code in your "Game Library", in "Add product" and in a matter of seconds the download of the game will start.

Before you buy Exophobia  you should know that...

Join the space adventure in Exophobia, a first-person shooter with modern, retro-inspired mechanics. Wield your alien weapon and slide through the corridors of a spaceship infested with hostile creatures.

Explore its multiple levels and find the last human survivors, while discovering the history of the crew and the reason for their critical situation. Only you are able to unravel all the mysteries of the ship in a story that mixes science fiction and action.

Face hordes of enemies in frenetic combats, where precision, strategy and the use of your weapon's abilities will be key to survival. Improve your arsenal in specialized laboratories and unlock new areas to expand your exploration.

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