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Description & requirements

Preorders for No Mans Sky cd key (PC digital version) at the best price now available. Since gocdkeys you can find the best place to buy the cd key No Mans Sky at online stores, completely secure and 100% reliable. No Mans Sky is a simulator of ships, where fighting and survival will be the cornerstone of the title. A huge galaxy to explore and constantly changing. We can visit every corner of this vast universe, from the most distant planets to the most impressive stars. In addition to performing missions, we´ll must combat and explore every corner of the galaxy, we´ll must collect materials and trade them in order to earn credits that we can use to enhance the combat capabilities of our ship, since improvements in weaponry, armor and shields upgrades, to increase the power of our thrusters. It has a multiplayer mode that we can explore and fight together with our friends. If you're a fan of Elite Dangerous and excite you open world RPG undoubtedly this is your game. Unlike its closest competitor, Elite Dangerous, in No Mans Sky we can visit every planet and walk around the area in search of materials and minerals to improve our craft. An adventure that will transport you to a conflicting and evolving universe.

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 7/8.1/10 (64-bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core i3
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: nVidia GTX 480, AMD Radeon 7870
  • Storage: 10 GB available space

Comments and reviews

Jo vull!!!

elrikie August 16, 2016

Can't Wait!

Frester August 10, 2016

4 more days...4 more days !

alienb17 August 08, 2016

Good game !

kenovuk August 07, 2016

So hyped for this. Only a few more days!

jac August 04, 2016


ilducesaint July 22, 2016

I think this will be one of the best games available.

Havock94 July 22, 2016


Serkrolik May 21, 2016

Can't wait to get this beautiful game!

Skiba May 13, 2016
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news & articles

Microsoft on why Xbox One doesn't need a No Man's Sky equivalent

The ID Xbox self-publishing program might be Xbox One's crowning glory at the time of writing boasting titles that have notched up well over a billion hours of play but it could do with a crown jewel The service has seen its share of critical darlings from Superhot to Inside but many of its best games are multiplatform and many of its exclusives appear on PCs as well - part of a much-vaunted push towards device agnosticism that often feels like it's more in the service of Windows than Xbox There seems pressing need for a killer app of some…

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Mass Effect: Andromeda Development Included No Man's Sky-like Procedurally Generated Worlds

Mass Effect Andromeda's development reportedly once included plans for the Bioware RPG to include hundreds of procedurally generated worlds in the vein of No Man's Sky Kotaku reports that game director G rard Lehiany had the idea before No Man's Sky was announced to use algorithms to generate all of the planets for players to explore allowing for endless and unique possibilities Prototypes for the game reportedly included the ability for players to discover unique planets and then land their spaceship and explore the surface on a smaller craft hunting for habitable terrain Continue reading…

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No Man's Sky: Mysterious Cassette Tapes ARG Points to 'Portal' Update

No Man's Sky Developer Hello Games has begun sending mysterious packages containing cassette tapes to some of their Reddit moderators Each of the tapes currently received is marked as a number out of and so far seven individuals have come forward claiming to own a tape with five already having uploaded their audio The Reddit community is working together to decipher the information in this ARG and so far has produced that every tape features the word 'Portal' This was apparent after spectrographs of the recording revealed a number sequence which when run through a common letter substitution cipher ROT…

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No Man's Sky Alternate-Reality Game Teases Big New Update Coming Next Month

It's been almost a year since the procedurally generated space-exploration game No Man's Sky was released on PS and PC Developer Hello Games has been radio silent since it released the game's most recent content update back in March Now we know at least one thing that the studio has been working on a crazy mysterious alternate-reality game which points toward a big update coming in August The ARG started at the beginning of June when moderators of No Man's Sky subreddits got packages in the mail that contained a poster and a cassette According to r NoMansSkyTheGame moderator UnimatrixZeroOne…

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Mysterious No Man's Sky Website Goes Live As Part Of Alternate-Reality Game Ahead Of New Update

If you haven't been tuned into No Man's Sky news lately there's an alternate-reality game going on right now that seems to be leading to a new update in August It's been going for a few weeks now but today a new interesting phase began A mysterious website went live that allows you to type in commands and it gives glimpses of some of No Man's Sky's lore If you go to the Waking Titan site you'll be greeted with a command line From here you can play around with different commands and see what comes up Typing in Whatis…

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Bizarre No Man's Sky Livestream Happening Now As Part Of Alternate-Reality Game

A complicated enigmatic No Man's Sky alternate-reality game has been in progress since June and fans currently believe that it points to a big new update coming this month Today the ARG got even more mysterious a livestream is underway right now but there's no word yet on what it'll reveal The livestream is hosted by the Twitch account Waking Titan--the name of the ARG--and at the time of this writing it shows a computer set up with the words Test Scenario Inactive visible on a monitor Strangely on the desk is a cage with a hamster in it According…

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No Man's Sky Teases New Update to Add Quick Travel

No Man's Sky will apparently receive a new update this week bringing quick travel and story improvements to the game Hello Games founder Sean Murray announced the Atlas Rises update for No Man's Sky in an email for fans which has been posted on Reddit He said it focuses on improving the central story of No Man s Sky and adds the ability to quick travel between locations using portals Back in June Hello Games teased the arrival of quick travel via portals with a No Man's Sky cassette tapes ARG Continue reading…

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No Man's Sky Update Announced, Here's What It Includes

The next big update for No Man's Sky is coming soon Following a weird ARG campaign developer Hello Games today announced that Update is coming out this week Atlas Rises as it's called will be free on PC and PlayStation just as the previous updates have been The update focuses on improving the central story while it also adds a fast-travel feature by way of portals It's been an exciting intense and emotional year for us at Hello Games founder Sean Murray said in a release We have been quiet but we have been listening intently We've spent that year…

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No Man’s Sky update coming to improve story, add quick travel

Hello Games teases Atlas Rises content update Continue reading…

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One year on, is No Man's Sky the game it should have been?

When I fired up No Man's Sky last week with an eye on today's anniversary of its release my save file showed that the last time I played the game was in late August last year I had reviewed it and kept playing for a couple of weeks afterwards despite the a storm of controversy and disappointment that raged around the release of Hello Games' sci-fi exploration game some of it justified I had enjoyed myself It struck me as a hypnotic curio built on moonshot technology that deserved neither the slating it got nor the outsized hype that had…

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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update - Full Details Revealed

Hello Games has released full details and a new trailer for the Atlas Rises update which appears to be being prepped for release today After being teased earlier this week a huge changelist and a new trailer have now been released You can find full details of the update on the No Man's Sky website but here's an abridged list of the major hits hours of new story content including the appearance of a new interdimensional alien race Continue reading…

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Huge No Man's Sky Update Finally Adds Multiplayer (Sort Of) And Lots More, Here's All The Details

No Man's Sky might have been out for over a year but developer Hello Games is still supporting it in a big way A huge new update dubbed Atlas Rises is coming to PS and PC today adding joint exploration a graphical overhaul and hours of new story content Multiplayer was a much-requested feature after No Man's Sky launched in and finally you can play with other humans--sort of You'll be able to see communicate and explore the universe with up to other players but they'll be represented simply by glowing orbs and Hello Games admits that interaction with others…

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No Man’s Sky tiptoes towards co-op play with Atlas Rises

Did you know that I still play No Man s Sky official site I started a new save recently with the intention of building a base and following the storyline and possibly having a greenhouse and then ended up ignoring all of the above and instead pootling from planet to planet chasing a sort of multi-headed cactus creature Business as usual for Pip BUT I ve been keeping an eye on the imminent update mostly just to see what it brings and how my ongoing voyage might change It sounds like Atlas Rises which is what update is called in…

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No Man's Sky Discounted Heavily On PC/PS4, Big Update Out Now

Hello Games has released the latest major update for No Man's Sky bringing a wealth of new features and improvements to the space exploration game Coinciding with this is a sale on both the PS and PC versions On the PC side Steam GOG and the Humble Store have dropped No Man's Sky from the usual price down to which matches the cheapest price it's ever been on Steam Mind you the GOG version doesn't get you a Steam copy while the Humble Store does For those looking to play on PS the PlayStation Store also has the game on…

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Massive No Man’s Sky update adds multiplayer, 30 hours of story and much more

A year later Hello Games delivers on more promises Continue reading…

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Is No Man's Sky the Same Game it Was a Year Ago?

One year ago we took our first steps into the giant universe of No Man s Sky At the time the prospect of discovering planets and flying my own little ship around a near-infinite galaxy excited me and I played beginning of the game in awe of its immense scale But that new ship smell could only carry me so far and it wasn t long before I was asking myself Isn t there more to this Since then developer Hello Games has slowly been adding free content updates to No Man's Sky most recently today's massive update called Atlas…

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No Man's Sky Update Out Now; Here's What It Does

With the launch of the Atlas Rises update a week and a half ago No Man's Sky is a dramatically different game than it was at release But with such a huge overhaul comes an assortment of bugs and issues that need to be fixed Today developer Hello Games released a patch on PS and PC that serves to address some of those problems The update includes a number of quality-of-life improvements including better binocular scanning tweaked audio cues and fixes for grave and landing icons It also features some small changes to the game's procedural generation algorithms such as…

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Is No Man's Sky Worth Revisiting For Atlas Rises?

The very first words No Man's Sky's unseen unheard protagonist reads when starting the new Atlas Rises missions are the words that have guided all the best humanistic science fiction You are not alone It's the ethos that guides nearly every aspect of the update After a full year of No Man's Sky being a fundamentally expansive but lonely experience Hello Games have introduced new systems and features that make the universe seem smaller not larger Whether that makes for a better game than the one we got a year ago is a valid question While the answer is a…

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With Atlas Rises, it’s worth returning to No Man’s Sky

Hello Games are in a deeply unenviable position In the wake of No Man s Sky s official site release with its waterfall of unkept promises to me it seems the studio is trapped in the Sisyphean task of trying to tweak patch update and amend their game until it can meet the impossible imagined version created by the combined efforts of its developers and its players Rather than compare this hugely embellished version of the game that greets players now with that of just over a year ago the temptation is to compare it to the dream version we…

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No Man's Sky Updated For The Third Time In Eight Days; Here's What It Does

Ever since the massive free Atlas Rises update went live in No Man's Sky developer Hello Games seems to be treating the game like it's brand new It's released updates at a very high frequency over the past couple of weeks and the latest patch is out now Update is meant to eliminate a bunch of bugs and issues introduced with Atlas Rises it's the third such patch released in the last eight days includes fixes such as preventing save files from inflating too much in size increasing the maximum number of paths that can be displayed on the galactic…

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No Man's Sky Atlas Rises Update 1.34 Fixes Update Bugs

No Man's Sky's latest update is out now and it addresses a few bugs and issues that were present with the recent Atlas Rises update According to the game's patch notes update adds the ability for players to teleport between stations and to their base It also fixes animations for various NPCs and prevents save files from greatly increasing in size due to a large number of portal visits The patch also increases the number of paths that can be rendered on the galactic map alongside improving the ordering of icons on the map to better display missions Continue reading…

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No Man’s Sky adds new default ship controls for PC

No Man s Sky official site patch has added a new but toggle-able so therefore optional ship control scheme for mouse and keyboard Hello Games say This option can be toggled and changes ship controls to be cursor based meaning you ll be able to direct your ship easily using your mouse Pip says I just booted up the game and hopped in my ship immediately becoming distracted by the new interface which is less ace piloting and more kind of like pulling a ball through the air using an elastic band It might take some getting used to is…

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trailers & gameplays

Let's Play No Man's Sky Pathfinder Update 1.2 - PC Gameplay Part 1 - New Land Vehicles!

Underwater Planet - No Man's Sky Walkthrough Gameplay Part 14 (PS4)

No Man's Sky Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 - FULL GAME PS4 GAMEPLAY (1080p 60fps)

No Man's Sky Walkthrough Gameplay Part 1 - Planets (PS4)

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