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Information about Monolith Requiem of the Ancients Code for PS5

What is the key for Monolith Requiem of the Ancients on PS5?

It is a key that will allow you to download the game Monolith Requiem of the Ancients on your PS5 from official download platforms.

What's the best price for buying the key of Monolith Requiem of the Ancients for PS5?

As of Wednesday 24/04/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Monolith Requiem of the Ancients on PS5 is €38.69.Check out our recommendations!

Purchase Information for Monolith Requiem of the Ancients Code on PS5

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  • PC


  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5-2500k
  • 8 GB RAM
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 950 or GTX 960


  • Windows 10
  • Intel Core i5-8400 or i7-4770k
  • 16 GB RAM
  • GeForce GTX 1060


English*, French, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish - Latin America, Traditional Chinese*languages with full audio support

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    -15% €38.69

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You will find a price comparison in different stores of the standard edition for PS5 of the video game Monolith Requiem of the Ancients in digital and physical format to make it easier for you to find the cheapest price or the best offer. The digital version can be in Key format or in Account format. We will indicate the type of format next to the price, but remember to consult the store for the process to redeem your product, since the Account Format may require more steps than an PSN Key.

REASONS TO BUY Monolith Requiem of the Ancients FOR PS5

1- Embark on an exciting adventure that mixes RPG elements with exciting real-time action combat.

2- Enter and explore the fantastic world of Gliese, a kingdom threatened by dark forces that you must save from its terrible fate.

3- With the guidance of a mysterious presence, you will embark on a dangerous quest to face evil and become the savior.

WHAT IS Monolith Requiem of the Ancients ABOUT?

- As Astor, a young Diokek, you will find yourself in the middle of a desperate fight for the survival of your world. Your goal is to unravel the secrets of the past and stop an unholy ritual. Throughout the story, you will acquire new abilities, magical powers and legendary weapons to face the minions of evil and fulfill your destiny.

- Throughout the adventures, you will be equipped with powerful weapons and special abilities, you will participate in fast-paced battles that will challenge you at every step. You'll be able to switch between equipped weapons at any time, even in the middle of combos, to deal critical and strategic hits.

- The main mechanics of the game will allow you to materialize monolithic constructions as weapons and tools. This adds an extra layer of strategy to combat, as you'll be able to summon teammates, shields, and special attacks to gain the upper hand on your enemies and unleash devastating attacks.

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