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Watch ASTRONEER trailer

Watch ASTRONEER trailer

ASTRONEER is a new game of exploration and construction, which places us in a distant future, concretely in the XXV century, and where a desire for wealth has taken over humanity. We, as stellar explorers, will must investigate distant worlds and explore them, then shape the world to our liking and extract the riches it contains. Our main mission will be to sell the wealth that we will obtain from the resources extracted from the planets, stars and moons, to obtain the maximum possible yield. Resources can be sold to the highest bidder, or they can be used to manufacture tools, vehicles and modules, and even create huge industrial bases to increase the productivity of the industry that we will install in the worlds to get the most benefit. But before all this, and to become rich with natural resources, we will must explore the world to make sure it is safe, and once explored we will must modify the terrain to adapt to our needs, and we will can even create huge excavations to the center of the planets to extract energy from the nucleus. In addition, thanks to our desire for riches, our character will be able to build a spacecraft to visit other nearby worlds and further extend our domains. The title has an online mode to play together with 4 friends and explode all together the entire planet.

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14 comments about ASTRONEER


peytonleon012 on February 12, 2017

good game


Argumanez on January 26, 2017

Want this game!


rituala170 on December 31, 2016

good game


minixeros on December 26, 2016

This game is so interresting !


nuyhn2 on December 24, 2016

Want this game!


emir20488 on December 22, 2016

Lütfen istiyorum oyunu


prominecraft235 on December 19, 2016

I want this game so much!


kaltherz on December 18, 2016

It would be amazing to play this game and support the game creators with the development :D


xytrxdxxhdhx on December 17, 2016

im a big fan


crizybadstar on December 17, 2016

This game is so fun and amazing . i want !!

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