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GAMIVO.COM is a marketplace for video games distributed as digital activation codes. Our mission is to gather suppliers from all around the world to deliver the best offers for our customers. GAMIVO is based in European Union to ensure the safety of both customers and merchants. Our 24/7 Customer Support Team consists of highly experienced members to ensure our customer's satisfaction. We are growing every day; adding new payment methods, improving our technology and increasing our stock. Looking for<b> </b>Gamivo discounts? Many of the stores have occasional discounts, but if you don't see it applied in our comparison above the price, then there are no discount coupons available at that time. In this case, for Gamivo, we do have an 11% off coupon (BASKET-SMART), so simply enter it before checking out.

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The worst seller i've ever seen...
The command was easy, and they accept easily my money.... but the command went "hold" ... have no verify my ID, that what i've done fast ans as demanded... And then they ask me really too more detail of my life i don't want to explain. And the don't want validate my command. They have my money, and now they asj me to wait for "some working days" to get my refund !
They are just stupid, go away, there is so much sellers that are not stupid as them.


I ordered Metro Exodus from one of their suppliers and open entering it in Epic Store I got "code does not exist". Therefore I bought the game straight from the Epic Store and asked for a refund. They forwarded the screeshots of my Epic Store purchase history which showed how I bought the game myself, after which their supplier said that the key was misspelled and sent me another one via email which I didn't even open. I explained I don't need a second key since I've already bought the game myself directly from Epic Store.

Immediately Gamivo offered to "refund" me with credit in their game store so I can buy more games from them. Once I requested a normal refund their only answer, from then on, is that the supplier informed them that I redeemed the key. Impossible since my screenshot with my purchase of the game via Epic Store predates their email with the second key.


First you deal with the issue with the dealer/marketplace. Then, AFTER you got a solution which is either refund or working key, you decide what to do, not in the middle of dispute. Everyone knows this. Your fault.

September 21, 2021

very nice


is the best game

February 24, 2021

These guys sold me a Shadowlands code, 2 days later the code got deactivated. Contacted support to find out these guys sold me a code that was purchased using a stolen credit card. Then when I tried to get a refund they tell me i have to wait for the vendor to “investigate” so now i won’t have Shadowlands when it drops… Super Mad.

November 22, 2020

good site. used them a lot.

August 08, 2020

I bought two games from Gamivo, and they turned out to be pretty good at a very decent price. Later, however, I was billed for a Gamivo "subscription" to which I had not given my consent. I opened a support ticket with them, and they answered by trying to persuade me that their "subscription" service was awesome. Never got a refund.

May 20, 2020

I have bought multiple keys from this store. I must say out off all the other stores this one does lack in support.


Good site, good prices and trustworthy


good site to get games and keys!


have u bought mordhau?

November 18, 2019

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January 13, 2021
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