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Information about Frostpunk 2 Key for PC

What is the key for Frostpunk 2 on PC?

It is a key that will allow you to download the game Frostpunk 2 on your PC from official download platforms.

What's the best price for buying the key of Frostpunk 2 for PC?

As of Monday 22/04/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Frostpunk 2 on PC is $38.71.Check out our recommendations!

Purchase Information for Frostpunk 2 key on PC

Available Deals
18 Deals
Available Versions
3 Versions (Standard / Steam Gift / Deluxe Ed.)
Available Regions
3 Regions (Global / Europe / US)
Top Rated Store
Most Used Store
  • PC


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD


  • Requires a 64-bit processor and operating system
  • TBD
  • TBD
  • TBD


English*, French, Italian, German, Spanish - Spain, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Portuguese - Brazil, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Turkish, Traditional Chinese, Ukrainian*languages with full audio support

Available versions of the deals:

  • All versions (18)
    -64% €38.71
  • Steam Key icon Steam Key (4)
    -64% €36.52
  • Steam Gift icon Steam Gift (7)
    -5% €43.11
  • Deluxe Ed. icon Deluxe Ed. (7)
    -10% €65.98

Order of offers:

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Filters and activation regions:

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The cheapest prices of Frostpunk 2 Key

Region Global
Steam Gift Steam Gift
Steam Gift 1%
Steam Gift 4.3
Save 10% GCDKGamivo
Region Europe
Steam Key Steam Key
Steam Key -
Steam Key 4.4
Save 3% gocdkeys

There are no stores available at the moment.

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There are no stores available at the moment.


You will find a price comparison in different stores for the standard PC edition of the video game Frostpunk 2 in Steam Key format, to make it easier for you to find the cheapest price or the best deal.


What does this product include?

It includes the Frostpunk 2 video game for PC, although some stores may include special editions with additional content such as a Deluxe or Ultimate edition.

Are there regional restrictions for this PC game?

This product may be global or include region restrictions that only allow you to activate it in specific areas of the world such as Europe, USA or UK. Check carefully! We will let you know if there are any regional restrictions.

How will I receive the product after I purchase it?

Your product will be delivered immediately after payment through your email, where you will receive a digital code, also called CD Key, which you can redeem without problems in the official Steam store. If the game is in physical format, the delivery process will be done by mail at the address you indicate at the time of purchase. It is also possible that the game is in account format, in this case each store will inform you of all the steps so that you do not have any problem to obtain it. In any of the cases, we indicate you if it is one format or another next to the price.


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