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Opinion about G2a: It is currently one of the largest game key selling stores in the world. The most important thing is that it is a markeplace, and that it is the users themselves who sell the games. Obviously, G2A offers an excellent security to its customers, with a fast and effective support, besides having an online chat 24 hours a day, so any problem will be solved instantly. It is one of the stores with more payment methods, not only PayPal or credit card. In addition, it has something that not all stores have, and that is that it does not charge fees at the time of payment, so there are no hidden fees in the price. Undoubtedly one of the best stores.<br />

Bank Transfer,PayPal,Credit Card... 0min. - 10min.

Comments and reviews

Great site. Just choose ones with a 97%+ and a lot of sales.


Can i buy games there?


Great site, permanent offers and good prices, I bought programs and games from them


wow this is sick !!!


Muy buena pagina siempre dan el mejor servicio, buenas ofertas y siempre tienen juegos para hacer precompras antes de que salgan.


nice games it is real and its really cheap


very good store I have not had problems buying games in it




platforme de vente en ligne superbe avec leurs programme de fidelité ou nous gagnons des points qui nous permette de gagner des prix , en plus de ça on peut aussi vendre sur le site :)


best site!! Came and buy games for steam cheapest than on steam