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SanDisk $119.98
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Samsung $119.98
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WD Blue $159.00
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Crucial $349.93
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OCZ $725.00
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From Gocdkeys, you will find the best deals for 1TB SSD hard drives with SATA3 connection from most assemblers and brands available in stores.

SSD hard drives offer an almost symmetrical reading speed of 540 MB / s read per 520 MB / s of writing, which means that our computer literally flies at the time of installing or accessing programs or games Installed on SSD disks.

These hard drives are perfect to install the operating system, since the computer restarts will be almost instantaneous, although with a 1TB disk we will also install many more things, this capacity along with the transfer of 6 Gb / s offered by the SATA3 connection , make them the best hard disks on the market.

There is a huge variety of brands and models for this type of hard drives, Samsung, Kingston, WD Blue, .... From here the price variations, since each manufacturer has its own differences with respect to the rest, it is for this reason we recommend that you carefully read all the information and technical specifications in each of the stores on each of the available brands.

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