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Amazon US Payments
6700K 4.0Ghz $299.00
Amazon US Payments
7700 3.6GHz $343.28
Amazon UK Global Payments
6700K 4.0Ghz $355.63
Amazon US Payments
6800K 3.4Ghz $355.88
Amazon US Payments
6700 3.4GHz $359.95
Amazon US Payments
6850K 3.6Ghz $376.00
Amazon US Payments
7800X 3.5Ghz $389.00
DinoPC UK Payments
7700 3.6GHz $389.01
Amazon UK Global Payments
7700 3.6GHz $437.70
Amazon UK Global Payments
6700 3.4GHz $451.38
Amazon UK Global Payments
6800K 3.4Ghz $526.61
Amazon UK Global Payments
6850K 3.6Ghz $532.08
Amazon UK Global Payments
7740X 4.3Ghz $544.39
Amazon UK Global Payments
6700K 4.0Ghz $544.39
Amazon US Payments
7700K 4.2GHz $549.99
Amazon UK Global Payments
Amazon UK Global Payments
7700K 4.2GHz $759.14
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In the price list of the Intel Core I7 product you will find all the models of this processor grouped, regardless of the version or processing speed, sorted from lowest to highest price.

Intel Core I7 processors are the seventh generation of Intel microprocessors and provide more than enough processing power to any current computer, whether to play, to open files and programs quickly or switch between applications and web pages smoothly and without delays.

Although there are many models and versions of the Intel i7 processors, in the price list, we will expose the most used as well as their processing speed and the number of cores available. It should be noted that the differences in each Intel I7 processor model are determined by SmartCache (8Mb, 6Mb or 4Mb) by the number of cores (4 cores or 2 cores) and the processing threads (8 or 4)

We recommend reading all the specifications of each of the processors in each store before proceeding with the purchase. Gocdkeys is not responsible for the information exposed or errors that may be induced due to the amount of specifications available for each model.

The list shows the following versions and models of Intel i7 processors:

Intel Core i7-7920HQ, i7-7820HK, i7-7820HQ, i7-7700HQ, i7-7700T, i7-7700, i7-7700K, i7-7660U, i7-7560U, ... Each with its given number of cores, Its Cache memory and its processing threads, plus its own GHz speed of each core.

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