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Watch Mario Kart 8 trailer

Watch Mario Kart 8 trailer

The Mario Kart series is one of the most successful franchises of Nintendo consoles, and now come back with this delivery, the eighth since its launch, which will transport us to the crazy races starring Mario and other Nintendo characters. The basic pillars that have made this franchises big over time to remain intact: high speed, gadgets to knock our opponents, crazy and fun races, and this eighth installment with some very interesting new features for multiplayer. Mario Kart 8 comes loaded with new features, but the most notable is the ability to use antigravity vehicles, so it is now possible to run up walls and ceilings, which offers new possibilities and a lot more fun. In the visuals, racing graphics will now be in high definition, with a constant 60 frames per second. Also added new circuits created from scratch to take full advantage of the chance to drive upside down, but we can still enjoy the classic circuits. As mentioned, in multiplayer we can enjoy the iconic split-screen racing for up to four players or in their free online play with up to 12 simultaneous players. Mario Kart 8 brings racing to another level.

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