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Attention: This version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate is for Nintendo Switch and may be available in several versions. The eShop code version of Super Smash Bros Ultimate can be purchased in stores with the label "eShop Code" and you simply enter the code you will receive in your Nintendo account. Don't forget that many of the digital versions of these games are regionally locked, so pay attention to the activation regions. There is also a version in the account format, which is indicated by the label "Account Format", and we recommend that you read the information about the activation process in stores.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the future launch of this Nintendo franchise that pits the most iconic characters against each other, will allow us to fight more players in epic battles and fierce combats with the aim of throwing our enemies off the screen through powerful combinations of blows and combos.

We will have a huge cast of characters, as will be present each and every one of the characters that have appeared in each of the deliveries of the series. Thanks to the features of Nintendo Switch, we can fight from wherever and whenever we want. Massive fights between Nintendo characters, unique skills, graphics adapted to modern times, new mechanics and a huge cast of characters,... What more can we, the followers of this series, ask for?

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate 1.2 Patch Notes

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Glitch Spawns Infinite Waluigis

A wild new Super Smash Bros Ultimate glitch has been discovered and it really is a sight to behold As shown off by Master fHyrule on YouTube the glitch spawns an apparently infinite number of Waluigi Assist Trophies which makes the game descend into some kind of purple nightmare You can try to trigger the glitch for yourself by getting two Isabelle characters on a stage and at the same time deploy the fishing rod on a Waluigi Assist Trophy If you do this correctly and maybe get a little lucky one of the Isabelles will continue to use the…

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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Sold Over 3 Million Units in 11 Days

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has in the U S sold over million units since it launched on December and the Nintendo Switch has officially become the fastest-selling console of this current generation through months According to Nintendo's internal sales data and The NPD Group these milestones point to the continued success of the Nintendo Switch in the U S which now has over million units sold since its launch in March of Through November of this year Nintendo has also been the overall top-selling software publisher in the U S an accomplishment that doesn't even take into consideration Super Smash…

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Top player presents Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tier list

ZeRo gives an almost complete tier list as of last week s Smash patch Continue reading…

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