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How to get free video games with Gocdkeys?

“We have been giving away thousands of PC games, both AAA and Steam Random Keys, for years to all our registered users.”

Next, we explain how to get free video game keys; it is very easy to participate:

  1. Register at Gocdkeys and validate your account via email (if you registered via email, but if you registered using Google it is not necessary). The registration grants 5 tickets.
  2. Once you are registered, look for the 'Try your luck' button on the game you want to get. Join and win tickets, Steam Keys and much more
  3. Click it and our wheel will appear, where you can use the tickets you have earned to get more tickets, Random Steam keys, or, with a bit of luck, the game you want.
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What are the odds of winning prizes?

“The possibility of winning the jackpot is low, very low, but not impossible.”
  1. The skull space has a 30% probability.
  2. The 1 red ticket space has a 29% probability.
  3. The 5 tickets space has a 20.5% probability.
  4. The 20 tickets space has a 15% probability.
  5. The Random Steam Key space has a 5% probability.
  6. The 'AAA' game space has a 0.5% probability.

These are the fixed odds of the prizes. Don’t complain about the low odds of the games, if we set them higher we would be ruined. During the 6 years we had it active in the old version, hundreds of users got Random Steam Keys and only a few dozen got the 'AAA' games.

So, it is a matter of luck. If you don't believe it works and that we send the prize, you can check out the reviews of the winners on our Trustpilot.

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What are the rules of the wheel?

“They are simple but must be kept in mind at all times.”
  1. Each spin consumes two tickets.
  2. You can make up to 30 spins every 24 hours.
  3. You can win 1 ticket, 5 tickets, 20 tickets, a random Steam Key, a 'AAA' game (or better said, the game in which you are playing the wheel), or absolutely nothing.
  4. We recommend not clicking continuously on the central button, as the wheel may lag and do strange things.
  5. Right now, it is only available for EUROPE and the USA. Unfortunately, due to the incompatibility of the versions of our games, we will not be able to deliver any game outside of these two regions.
  6. Right now, it is only possible to get PC games. For console games, software, and prepaid cards, the wheel is disabled.
  7. After winning an 'AAA' game, we will contact you within a maximum of 72 hours to send the prize. We give this time because the prizes that are won on weekends or holidays will not be delivered until the next working day.
  8. Random Steam Keys will be delivered through the user panel, from each user's action line. If after winning one, it does not appear within 48 hours in your panel, contact us. The games are random and will not be exchanged for another if you already have that game.
  9. The only way to participate is by winning tickets. Here you can see how to get them.
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Earning tickets and potential issues with the wheel

To see the list of all the actions you can take to earn tickets, just visit our FAQs on how to earn tickets.

What we will not tolerate under any circumstances...

“Our idea is to reward our users with the OPPORTUNITY to win free games, obviously within a luck system. We emphasize the word LUCK, as people who do not receive a prize get angry and accuse us of scamming.”
  1. Over the years, we have encountered people who try to accuse us of scamming simply because they don’t win anything. We will not allow any such accusations, as we use the wheel as extra content on our website, as a reward system for our most active users. Anyone who gets angry because they don’t win the game they want and starts insulting us will be banned.
  2. We will not allow people to try to deceive us with doctored images of the wheel. We have had such cases and we all know how to use Photoshop well enough to manipulate images. Our system notifies us of each prize, so if it is not registered in our system it will not count. Anyone who tries will be banned.
  3. Please refrain from commenting about the wheel’s rollback or 'it was about to fall but suddenly pulled back'. It is the natural movement of this wheel. Before falling into a slot, it makes a backward gesture that can be maximized if it falls right on the edge of the slots. IT IS NORMAL, please, relax and keep trying. Over the years, this movement has been much commented on, but we can’t do anything about it as it involves both the wheel itself making this movement and the browser lag, among other things.
  4. Any attempt to manipulate, deceive or threaten. All such attitudes will not even be responded to by support and will directly lead to account cancellation and the loss of all tickets.
“Simply try to enjoy the possibility of winning something. It is a reward system for our most active users, so relax if you don’t win anything, with patience and luck you might win... or not.”