Top 5 Zombie Games

2022-09-27 10:49:33 | Written by Alfred

Zombie games are in fashion, in fact, they have been in fashion for many years thanks in part to the adrenaline they are able to display, attracting more users every day.

If you are looking for the best zombie games for PC, in this list you will find the most important and significant games of the last years. Because it is a genre widely used by large companies to attract players, we will make a list of the most important zombie games in recent years, otherwise the list would be huge.

1- Dying Light


It is one of the most ambitious in recent years, undoubtedly one of the best thanks to the enormous number of missions, extension, game methods and possibilities it offers. It is capable of mixing the survival genre with the RPG genre, creating a powerful combination in a world full of zombies and all kinds of creatures. 

Although it is a game for a player, the possibilities are practically infinite. But not only is it fun, it also has an artistic finish that stands out from the rest, one of the best we will find in the market.

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2- Left 4 Dead


Of this we have two deliveries, the first better than the second but this one does not fall short either. If something comes out of this game, it's a lot of fun. It is a cooperative that is capable of getting our group of friends into serious trouble if we do not coordinate well. Without a doubt, this game marked a before and after not only in zombie games, but also in cooperative multiplayer games.

In both games the frenetic action prevails and our main objective together with our friends will be to exterminate legions of runaway zombies, but above all, we will have to survive at all costs. 

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This zombie game differs from the rest in a couple of aspects, but the most important is that it is capable of masterfully mixing 2D game mechanics and don't be fooled by its simplicity, the game is a masterpiece of the genre that will make us vibrate with every mission accomplished and every zombie we exterminate.

Original, fun and capable of wrapping us in an atmosphere of suspense throughout the adventure, as its story mode is sublime. You can get the DeadLight at the best price right now from Gocdkeys. 

4- State of Decay


Another artwork of the zombie genre that like the first one mixes shootings against legions of zombies and RPG elements. We also have two deliveries available and both are glorious, especially the second one. The idea of the developers was to present a game that had the bases of a GTA but was developed during a zombie apocalypse

RPG elements, a huge open world map, lots of missions, parkur elements, but above all, lots of weapons and infinite ways to finish with the zombies. Although it is in the third position, State of Decay is one of the best for us and more with the price that it has now, a little more than 15 euros. You can compare the best prices for State of Decay 2 from Gocdkeys.

5-COD Black Ops 3 Zombie Chronicles


Last but not least, we have the Zombie version of a large FPS genre. This is a Call of Duty in its zombie mode, and it's a lot of fun if what you like is to exterminate and destroy waves of crazy zombies. You will form group with other friends and players, and thanks to the enormous arsenal of combat and a system of progression of Perks of the most entertaining, your mission will not be other one that to survive.

Funny, full of adrenaline, with certain strategic aspects and very very addictive. No doubt if you don't want to think and just kill and kill without stopping, this game is made for you. 

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In addition to these 5 games, referents of the zombie genre, there are other franchises in high demand and quite successful. One of the latest releases belonging to one of the oldest franchises in the world of video games is Resident Evil, and whose latest title, RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE, has already reaped a great success in sales even after a few days of its release.


Although the zombie genre is quite in demand, there are many other genres in high demand, such as the factory and management genre. The title Satisfactory is a clear example of this genre, which enjoys a huge amount of good reviews both on the Epic Games platform and on STEAM.

But without any doubt, one of the most successful genres in recent years is the Hack and Slash genre, and one of its greatest exponents is the Diablo franchise, also full of zombies and monsters of all kinds. In addition, it has already been announced the date of what will be its next installment, the second part fully remastered, which already reaped a huge success for Blizzard when it was released almost two decades ago. 

Most awaited games of 2022!

Among the most anticipated games of 2022 we have some that are coming in the first months of the year, such as MOTOGP 22, SNIPER ELITE 5, ORBIT INDUSTRIES or MONSTER HUNTER RISE SUNBREAK, among many others that we will be showing.

In the middle of the year, we have SCORN , a horror game long awaited by fans, with a great originality and totally revolutionary.