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Attention: Satisfactory is a game found in Early Access and is only available in the Epic Game Store, not being available in Steam. Therefore, any Satisfactory key or cd that is purchased at another store other than the official Epic Game Store, must be redeemed in our account on this platform to proceed with the download of the game.

Satisfactory is a first-person open world factory building game with touches of exploration and combat. We will be in charge of exploring and exploiting a distant alien planet, through the implantation of factories. But these planets are not without dangers, we must defend our constructions of the native life of each planet.

Our goal will be to create multi-storey factories, reach the sky of the conveyor belt, automate vehicles and research new technologies. An original game for Epic that mixes the genre of resource management and administration, manufacturing processes and survival elements.

Comments and reviews

I have seen this game in YouTube videos and really want it. The graphics look really cool and I have OCD which this game is perfect for. I liked Subnautica but when I saw this game I just fell in love with it.


This game is totally for those who like automating item farming. It also runs pretty good on most gaming computers. U can always trim the graphics settings.

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news & articles

Satisfactory’s end goal? Replacing myself

Automation is everything in the new game from the Goat Simulator studio Continue reading…

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Satisfactory takes down the scaffolding for early access launch

The Factorio-esque delights of building machines to build machines until a pretty alien planet is converted into a vast machine building one really big machine today enters a first-person perspective with the early access of launch of Satisfactory Made by Coffee Stain Studios the mob behind Goat Simulator and more relevantly Sanctum it is unashamedly Factorio in D but that intimate perspective does make a difference when you re racing around in buggies or building up into the heavens more…

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The wrenching pleasure of despoiling alien planets for factories in Satisfactory

The absolute last thing I want to do when landing on a beautifully unspoilt lush and exotic alien planet is build a clunking grey smog-spewing factory But that's what Satisfactory makes you do that's what it's about and it's both horrid and inspired You work for a company called FICSIT but you don't know much about it All you really know are your orders land in your drop pod disassemble it using a kind of futuristic supermarket barcode scanner then begin building your factory No questions thank you Do as you're told And you will You will because it's the…

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trailers & gameplays

Satisfactory Gameplay | 24 computers per min

WIRE & CABLE FACTORY CONSTRUCTION! | Satisfactory Gameplay/Let's Play E22

BUILDING THE NEW FACTORY! Satisfactory Gameplay Episode 4

Landfall! Satisfactory Early Access Gameplay Ep 1