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1- The game offers us the possibility to build, manage and automate huge factories and all the infrastructure that surrounds them, as well as the supplies of material and fuel necessary to keep them producing.

2- If you enjoy exploring unknown terrains and planets, then you will love Satisfactory, since one of the strong points of the game is the exploration and discovery of materials and fuels necessary to keep our immense factories producing.

3- But we won't live by building alone, as Satisfactory also offers the possibility of exploring a huge alien planet and fighting for control of the planet's resources. In addition, we will be able to play with friends to increase the game experience and fun.

If you are not convinced by these reasons to end up buying this digital version of Satisfactory, you can access the Steam reviews for this game to read more impressions from the gaming community.

MORE INFORMATION about the game Satisfactory


This is a base building and simulation game focused on production systems and factories. It takes as a reference a lot of similar titles, such as Factorio, but with animations and gameplay updated to modern times and in 3D.


You have been sent to a distant alien world with the mission of creating an industrial complex that can extract and process the resources found on this exotic planet.


- Build yourself all kinds of complex industrial systems that allow you to extract resources, transport and process them.

- Create the infrastructure necessary for all your systems to function and be properly supplied.

- Generate and supply the electricity needed to keep the machinery running.

- Rarer minerals will require better machinery to process them, but will also allow for greater upgrades.

- Explore a huge open world where you will find all kinds of objects, resources and amazing places.

If you want more information about this great factory building game, which has already garnered numerous awards and recognitions, we advise you to go to the developer's website so you can read more information about it.


the game looks awesome love these kind of games not many like games with this genre and coop multiplayer that are any good out there at least that I can find


I have seen this game in YouTube videos and really want it. The graphics look really cool and I have OCD which this game is perfect for. I liked Subnautica but when I saw this game I just fell in love with it.


This game is totally for those who like automating item farming. It also runs pretty good on most gaming computers. U can always trim the graphics settings.


its a good game ive been watchin z1 gaming play it for about a year and ive had fun watching him and i want to get it for myself to build a masive base. ;)


it is one of the greatest games ive ever played i would highly reccomend this game bcz there is so much to do in it more than 100 hours of gameplay atleast!


it's an awesome game. i'm playing this game about few months now... really enjoying it. day by day the dev keep update new roadmap. waiting for more lot of fun stuffs....


Das ist einer meiner lieblings Spiele die ich seit mehrere jahre möchte habe und habe nie geld für das Spiel. Alle meine Freunde haben das spiel außer ich. Und ich hoffe das ich auf dieser WEbsite durch die Free funktion bekomme.


great game indeed also i wasnt play it yet but i watch some gameplays but i sure if i got it i gonna love or smh also shere for context and sure if you could give me one i will be happy


This is essentially a 3d version of satisfactory. Getting your base built and connected with all the right requirements can be quite challenging at times but if you have a successful build it is worth the effort and time


This game is very good when it comes to resource management and its updates add good things 10/10 and it is a bit similar to the factorio that is also a good game