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State of Decay 2
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Description & requirements

Note: This version of State of Decay 2 is only the digital version with Xbox Play Anywhere functionality, so you can play it on both Xbox One and Windows 10 PCs. 

This version is the one indicated to compare the prices to play it from a PC with Windows 10, leaving aside the physical versions of Xbox One. If you only want the Xbox One version, both physical and digital, use our search engine or select the platform in the platform selector at the top right. Gocdkeys will label "Xbox One/PC Win.10" for versions with Xbox Play Anywhere functionality. 

State of Decay 2 is a survival game set in a zombie apocalypse. We will control a group of survivors determined to survive at all costs and that we can improve as we win fights and advance the adventure. We will be able to improve their combat and perception skills, pool resources to create increasingly powerful weapons, and many more actions. 

Comments and reviews

On one hand it's a deep and well thought out zombie survival rpg that if you give the time you'll see it has a lot going on in terms of player choice. On the other hand it's a tedious slog that feels like a to do list where every time you're up to the last chore another two pop up. When the game isn't deliberately throwing curveballs to make you change plans on the fly, the never ending amount of bugs will hinder your progression at the most inconvenient time imaginable. Rarely have I had a play session of more than an hour where I turned the game off on a positive note, however I still think about it a lot of the time when I'm not playing


I have tried this game on XBOX, haven't tried on PC, but the game is getting repetitive after 2-3 days of playing, it's just not worth it only if you like killing zombies and not caring about repetitive shooting


Pretty nice zombie game ^^ I will keep me playing for some time. I really like the guns in the game they are pretty well made :) its fun to shoot them

July 04, 2018

I have tried this game on XBOX, haven't tried on PC, but the game is getting repetitive after 2-3 days of playing, it's just not worth it only if you like killing zombies and not caring about repetitive shooting


Interesting... I've avoided this game because I thought it was a thinly veiled clunky survival game with next to no actual progression or story.

Granted, that was early days. Maybe I'll take a closer look. I'm terrible at horror games though.


its not a terrible game but it gets boring very very quickly, the first one was way way better and it left perfect space for a sequel but it didnt deliver

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New Free State Of Decay 2 DLC Announced

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State of Decay 2 Daybreak DLC Release Date Revealed

Undead Labs has revealed the next piece of State of Decay DLC called Daybreak will come to Xbox One and Windows PC on September Daybreak will add an entirely new mode in Sate of Decay playing as a well-equipped Red Talon soldier in a siege defense style mission Your goal is to defend a well-fortified location from increasingly difficult waves of zombies Daybreak will not rely on your own community instead you spawn in as a Red Talon soldier and when dying you'll respawn as a new soldier in around seconds There are lots of new weapons and items included…

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State Of Decay 2's First DLC Pack Out Now On Xbox One And PC

Following a successful debut month Microsoft has released the first DLC pack for its Xbox One PC zombie survival game State of Decay The Independence Pack is available to purchase now and gives players access to an assortment of patriotic items and gear including vehicles weapons and more Those who purchase the Independence Pack will receive three Independence Day-themed vehicles the Pyrohawk Burninator and the Meatwagon Additionally players will get a trio of melee weapons The Freedom Ringer Grillmeister and BBQ Fork and two long-range weapons Pyro Launcher and Starshank Launcher You can see some of the DLC items in…

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