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IT\'S BEEN 6 MONTHS SINCE DUBAI WAS WIPED OFF THE MAP BY A CATACLYSMIC SANDSTORM. Once the world\'s most fantastical city, Dubai is now its most opulent ruin. Ravaged by cataclysmic sandstorms, THE CITY LIES BURIED, reclaimed by the desert. Abandoned, it has become a no-man\'s-land for refugees and outlaws. While most people fled the now-barren wasteland, U.S. Army Colonel John Konrad and the 33rd Infantry remained behind to PROTECT THOSE INCAPABLE OF ESCAPE. Unable to contact anyone in Dubai, the world believed KONRAD AND HIS TEAM DEAD, until they picked up a weak distress signal. As Captain Walker, you and your squad of Delta Operators INFILTRATE THE TRECHEROUS REGION to locate survivors. There, you and your men will experience madness - A world shattered by the failings of great men.

Comments and reviews

Great game and a lot of fighting. Story is pretty good to. I like this game. Not a long game if you rush it. I have finished this game with 8 hours gameplay. Will be playng other versions of this game aswell. Recomend this game for shooter people. It´s pretty tactical game.


Psychological experiment, that's how I would describe the game in two words.

Dive into that military experience where you feel the horror and disgust of close and long range combat. The main protagonist will evolve throughout the game and maybe your vision of war will evolve too.

Bought it for the fun of it and the good reviews, had to play kid friendly games for months after finishing it.

A one of a kind experience.

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Spec Ops: The Line Developer Receives Investment From Chinese Tech Company Tencent

Spec Ops The Line developer Yager has received investment from Chinese multinational Tencent The gaming monolith has invested an undisclosed sum in the Berlin-based developer but Yager will still retain its independence The money will be used to fund Yager's publishing ambitions and the continued development of its free-to-play shooter The Cycle--currently in its second season The game which Yager describes as a competitive quest shooter is exclusively available on the Epic Games Store and adds a unique spin to the battle royale genre Yager is of course most widely recognised for developing Spec Ops The Line which released to…

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PC Game Deals on 2K Games: BioShock, Spec Ops: The Line, More

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Spec Ops: The Line devs announce sci-fi PvPvE shooter The Cycle

mercenaries will land on a pretty planet to complete quests tussle with alien wildlife and maybe murder each other a bit across -minute rounds in The Cycle a new multiplayer FPS coming from Spec Ops The Line and Dreadnought studio Yager OH IS THAT BATTLE ROYALE you started typing before even finishing reading the preceding sentence you little scamp and nnno it doesn t sound like it Influenced by the new hotness probably but we re starting to move beyond straight Plunkbuts and more into games running with little threads of the genre see Crytek s Hunt Showdown too The…

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Spec Ops: The Line is free on Humble Bundle

We gave it an eight Continue reading…

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Spec Ops: The Line is free until Saturday

Spec Ops The Line is free over at the Humble Store right now It s only available for hours ending March st at am Pacific so I advise you to go there now Congratulations You are hopefully now the proud owner of a game about the horrors of war It s hell in case you hadn t heard and many people are unsure what it s good for Hu-ah Here s wot our Alec thought back in the day more…

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