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Note: This version of Sea of Thieves is for Xbox One, although depending on whether it is a physical or digital version, it may also have PC compatibility with Windows 10 operating system. We recommend that you read all version information carefully in each store.

Sea of Thieves is an RPG where we can play a pirate, and everything that goes with it. We can take a boat and recruit our own crew. Sail across the seas in search of adventures and treasures,. Face other ships controlled by either AI or other players. Evolve our ship by equipping it with better weapons and cannons. And an endless number of activities available that mixes the best of MMORPG genre with pirate themes.

The world we can move and navigate through will be immense, full of adventures, dangers and hidden treasures. Hundreds of explorable islands and hundreds of adventures both alone and with friends. Teamwork will be a key element, as otherwise sailing with our boat and shooting at the same time will be impossible for us, so we will have to gather a crew and improve it before facing the most dangerous challenges.

Don't forget that there is the physical version of Sea of Thieves for Xbox One, which doesn't support Windows 10, and the digital version, which does have PC support.

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de los mejores juegos que hay en la actualidad a mi gusto, adictivo,interminable y una gran experiencia multijugador, un mar inmenso y unos gráficos perfectos

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Sea Of Thieves jettisons half its cargo – a reason to return?

Remember Sea of Thieves Rare s piratical sandbox sorta-MMO I do what with reviewing it and all but only as if a dream Emotive fragmentary scenes of waves and sunset and accordions A blissful boredom Actual detail of the things I did found or fought Not a bit of it Maybe there were some skeletons once I think often of going back part in curiosity about whether its many updates have added meaningful content and mostly because standing on the prow of a lonely boat staring at the quiet horizon is deeply appealing in These Times I usually make it…

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New Sea Of Thieves Update Has You Reinstall The Entire Game

Rare has announce a new update for Sea of Thieves which is designed to both reduce the overall install size of the game and make it easier for the developer to implement further patches in the future However to download the update you'll have to reinstall the entire game The new install sizes for each version of the game has been outlined in a blog post on Sea of Thieves' main website The PC version of the game will shrink from GB to GB For Xbox One the version on the original console will go from GB to and the…

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Sea of Thieves Update Requires Full Download and Reinstall

Rare has announced that Sea of Thieves will be receiving a major update that will require players to download and reinstall a full version of the game - though the new version s file size will be significantly smaller Announced through the official Sea of Thieves website the update will be coming to PC and Xbox One on February Executive producer Joe Neate explained that this new version is necessary to keep the overall size of the game from spiraling out of control with subsequent updates and will allow Rare to be able to generate and transfer new builds of…

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Sea of Thieves’ 2018 updates made it my most anticipated game for 2019

Rare nailed a successful update strategy after four expansions Continue reading…

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Moments of 2018: Skeletons from the briny depths in Sea of Thieves

Picking Sea of Thieves feels like a bit of a cheat After all the ever churning innards of Rare's multiplayer pirate adventure are expressly designed to generate memorable adventures But in a year packed with wow moments that first glimpse of Subnautica's bountiful choral reef for one and full-on WTF moments why hello there Fortnite's inter-dimensional butterfly no other game has for me at least managed to create so many wonderful lasting memories as Sea of Thieves So much so in fact that it's a bit of a struggle to narrow it down to one If I had to choose…

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Sea Of Thieves’s Shrouded Spoils update adds more meat to its skellington bones

I m officially resolved to return to Sea Of Thieves s world of online piratical nonsense thanks to today s new treasure-trove of content The Shrouded Spoils update for once isn t focused on a single time-limited quest or global event but rather fleshing out its existing systems Fog threatens ships along jagged coastlines and more skeleton ships roam in more shapes and sizes occasionally on their own skellington adventures More Megalodon varieties threaten ships everywhere and the Kraken has been beefed up too for starters Check the update page here and the trailer below more…

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