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Attention: This product is the Nintendo Switch version of MINECRAFT, in digital and physical format. Buying the physical version of the game you will receive it at home after a few days, but if you want to have the title available instantly, we recommend the digital version of Minecraft, either in account format (you receive a username and a pass to access a Nintendo account where the game is already installed, so simply install it) or in eShop code format, with which you must redeem it in your Nintendo account to get the game downloaded.

Minecraft's playable experience is focused on construction. The game world is made up of cubic blocks, which represent different materials, such as earth, rock, iron, gold, diamond, water, tree trunks, etc. Players can move around freely and place other blocks and objects, always respecting a three-dimensional cubic net. 

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The buzz about town is that Minecraft just added bees

We no longer have bees in the real-world the last one having left to fly to its home planet of HV- last Tuesday so Minecraft has memorialised our buzzy buds by adding them as a new mob The fuzzy little dancers are a neutral mob who ll happily fill your game with honey for you to enjoy and have just set up a hive in the W A snapshot Let s smoke out some details shall we more…

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Hounded Out: The adventures of a Minecraft hermit, part three

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Hands on with Minecraft RTX - the most astonishing ray tracing demo yet?

We've been following the evolution of hardware-accelerated real-time ray tracing for some time now here at Digital Foundry - and one of the most spectacular demos we've seen actually took the form of Sonic Ether's RT shader mod for Minecraft which brute-forced full path-tracing into the Java version of the classic Mojang title It's brilliant stuff and although slow it will work on any modern GPU But as good as it is we had to wonder - what kind of improvement would we see with full hardware acceleration What if Mojang itself incorporated full path tracing into the engine itself…

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Minecraft RTX Trailer Highlights a Shiny Makeover

Nvidia has revealed Minecraft awash in a coat of new pretty paint with a new trailer on Monday that shows the before and after effects of Nvidia's raytracing capabilities with thoughts on the update by Minecraft's development team Watch the trailer above to see all sorts of locales get the RTX treatment on Windows including vibrant homes glistening lakes darkened tunnels full of glowing lava and expansive caves with light filtering in from cracks above We went hands-on to experience the improvements with Minecraft using RTX and felt that it looks like an entirely new game You can hear more…

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Minecraft gets official ray tracing support for Nvidia RTX cards

Just last week Mojang announced they had cancelled Minecraft s Super Duper cross-platform graphics pack citing too many technical difficulties in getting it all up and running Well there s sort of good news for those of you still yearning for a good-looking version of the blocky sensation as Nvidia have just announced the Windows edition of the game will be getting official real-time ray tracing support in a free update very soon and have released a shiny highly reflective trailer showing it all off Have a gander below more…

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Minecraft getting visual overhaul with ray-traced graphics

A jungle scene in Minecraft with ray tracing enabled Mojang Xbox Game Studios via Nvidia It isn t a replacement for the Super Duper Graphics Pack but it ll do Continue reading…

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