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You can already compare the best prices and preorder Middle Earth Shadow of War for Xbox One in any of the stores listed in Gocdkeys. Middle Earth Shadow of War is the second installment of the game that mixed action and stealth set in the universe of Tolkien, in the land of Mordor, and where we had to accompany our character, endowed with elven powers, through the dangerous and inhospitable Lands of Mordor in search of revenge. In Middle Earth Shadow of War the gameplay and the ultimate goal of the game change radically. Now it will have many more components of the RPG genre, since as we advance in our adventure and kill bosses, we will get new equipment, such as armor and weapons, and even improve them to give us more combat statistics. It will also have a strategy component, since now our main objective will be to conquer Mordor by exterminating the armies of Sauron. For this, we will use the new ring of power that we have forged thanks to the skill of Celebrimbor and that will allow us to control any orc that gets in the way. Through this new power, we will subjugate the orcs of Sauron to join our cause and form an imposing army that rivals that of the Dark Lord. With our armies, we will conquer each of the territories that form Mordor, each with its climate, lords, towers and fortresses. We will can train our legions of orcs to make them more skilled in combat, train war beasts, assign generals and increase rank, and endless more actions that make this new delivery one of the most anticipated games of 2017.

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