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Medieval 2: Total War
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Medieval II: Total War is the fourth instalment in the Total War franchise following the million unit selling Rome: Total War. An epic 450 year campaign challenges you to seize control of the medieval world. Fight across Europe, The Middle East and, for the first time ever in Total War, discover the New World and the fearsome Aztecs. A redesigned graphics engine displays Total War’s signature 10,000 man battles in unparalleled detail, making Medieval II: Total War the most glorious looking RTS game of all time. Varied terrain and individual faces, armour and combat animations make battles more visceral than ever before.

Comments and reviews

My favourite Total War game, it has insane modding community so you can enjoy many of the mods avalible, hell its so good even my dad got so hooked up on it that he plays it every day for months :D


Bought the game because my friends had it,and because i played the old rome total war game,BUT THIS!This game is amazing,thanks to the historical aspect.And the fact that gunpowder is trully OP


Best game in total war series

August 29, 2015

looking forward to

May 04, 2015

It could be better

April 07, 2015

looks like a great game :)

February 27, 2015
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