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This product is a digital version of bit Dungeon III and is available directly from the Steam store, or through digital keys in other online stores. It is also possible that a store sells it in "Steam Gift" format so you will have to activate it by clicking on the link that we will receive in our email after buying it in this version.

bit DungeonIII is a 2d adventure game with roguelite elements. It consists of randomly generated enromes maps as well as dungeons that we can explore and investigate in search of treasures of incalculable value. Although it is possible to play it in single player mode, the real fun lies in the multiplayer mode, as we can create alliances with other players or kill them for the items or treasures they may have in their inventory. 

Remember that bit Dungeon III has Permadeath, or permanent death, so we'll have to start over every time we're killed. Although killing final bosses can give us souls so we can resurrect after death without having to start from scratch. 

The strong point of the game is the random generation of worlds, dungeons, secrets, objects and humanoid HNP, so each adventure will be totally different from the previous one, with enormous amounts of possibilities. The game has a PVP factor, because if we meet other players we can get their inventory items without equipping and their soul, very valuable not to have to start from scratch. 

Multitude of weapons and equipment, with unique powers and statistics. Bosses will also drop powerful magical weapons and much more.

System Requirements

  • OS: 10, 8, 7
  • Processor: 2GHz
  • Memory: Memory: 1 GB RAM MB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space