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Description & requirements

Prices and editions for Minecraft Key for PC

From Gocdkeys you will find the best prices and offers for the Minecraft cd key in Java Edition and Windows 10 Edition versions.

There are currently two different versions of Minecraft. On the one hand we have the version of Windows 10, which has a much cheaper price, and the Java Edition version of Minecraft, a higher price, but that offers better options when it comes to customizing our worlds. Both versions are sold in digital format or in cd key format, so after the purchase we will receive an activation key of Minecraft to activate the download in PC.

We currently recommend buying it at the G2A store, as this is where most users have purchased the Windows 10 version of Minecraft through us. If you do not want to buy it in G2A, you are free to select another store, but from Gocdkeys we inform you that currently this store has the best satisfaction/price ratio for Minecraft both in Jave Edition and Windows 10 edition.

Differences between Java Edition and Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft

The Java Edition can be played completely, with mods, textures and everything associated with the Minecraft universe, without paying absolutely anything else. The version of Windows 10, includes optional purchases inside the game and to access all the content of the Java edition we must pay a little more, so if you want to enjoy the full experience of Minecraft for PC we recommend the Java Edition.

Obviously, if you are looking to buy the cheapest PC edition of Minecraft, we recommend Windows 10 Edition, which gives access to the game but not to all the Addons and mods available, so the game experience is a little diminished, although it is possible to buy everything Ingame way.

Another advantage of the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft compared to the Java version is that the Windows 10 version has cross game, so we can play with other players of other devices, such as Xbox and Android. It should be noted that the different versions have different servers, so we can not play with people who have a different version to ours.

With both editions of Minecraft you will be able to play with friends and assemble your worlds in which the only limit is your imagination. From Gocdkeys we recommend that before buying any of the two PC versions of Minecraft, pay attention to the information in each of the stores.

What does Minecraft offer?

Minecraft's playable experience is focused on construction. The game world consists of cubic blocks, which represent different materials such as earth, rock, iron, gold, diamond, water, tree trunks, etc. Players can move freely through it and place other blocks and objects, always respecting a three-dimensional cubic network. 

The game begins by generating the mapping of the world using an algorithm. This is divided into various biomes ("biomes"), regions of specific geography and climate, such as deserts, forests, oceans, swamps, etc. The different levels of depth of the terrain are also simulated, creating mountains and underground caverns. 

The different materials of the game are distributed in relation to the characteristics of the terrain: minerals in the caverns, snow in the tundra, etc. The engine of the game also includes a day-night cycle, so that the illumination of the map depends on it, as well as the layout of the mapping and artificial sources of light - different from the sun and moon - such as torches and lava.

Comments and reviews

This is for WIN10 edition and not the Pc edition (java edition) remember that people and you will get a FREE copy of it if you have paid for the pc (java edition)

January 06, 2018

Nice to know as i almost bought it as a gift for a friend thinking it was java edition but this saved me a few quid don't normally check comments too just checked now and well yeah this happend

June 13, 2019

This is a g00d p1ace t0 buy since M0jang has n0w 0verpriced. Its 1ike n0rma1 mineman but n0w 0n wind0ws 10, u get it f0r free if y0u have n0rma1mc

January 12, 2018

This is for WIN10 edition and not the Pc edition (java edition) remember that people and you will get a FREE copy of it if you have paid for the pc (java edition)

September 18, 2017

I find that Minecraft is a great game ! I love how you are comparing the prices because it's very usefull ! Thank you very much ! And good luck for your work !


Absolutely amazing very cheap as well as very impressive as well as this game you go round a blocky universe identifying explosive creepers ming iron and building also farming endless possibilities to this amazing game.


thanks gocdkeys! I bought minecraft pe at the right price, so no expensive prices went over my head. Thanks once again, amazing retailer!!!!!


This is for WIN10 edition and not the Pc edition (java edition) remember that people and you will get a FREE copy of it if you have paid for the pc (java edition)


amazing game one of the best games their is out there for any age may it be adult or child 10/10 would recommend to anyone without hesitation


Can this be played on Windows 10 Pro ??? I am really curious. Because this game is old and it possibly won't work when someone has Windows 10


Un excelente juego para dejar salir tu creatividad, buenos modos de juego, comunidad activa, gran variedad de mejoras y actualizaciones, mods, mapas , servidores etc.

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