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First installment in the Prince of Persia series. Embark on an adventure centered ancient Persia, and directs our hero through numerous locations along this ancient empire. Incredible jumps, stunts, sword-fighting, and a myriad of skills to deal with our enemies. A great adventure of epic proportions that will take us to a world of cruelty where only the strongest survive.

Comments and reviews

+ Looks beautiful, especially after you have cleansed an area.
+ Occasionally funny dialogue between the protagonists.
+ Puzzles can be challenging at times, I wish there were more.

- No non-boss enemies.
- You can't use your sword outside of battle to cut stuff or anything.
- No depth to fighting style. Essentially, you can get away with continually hitting the attack button and dodging the enemy.
- Light seed collection can get repetitive.
- Story could use a little tweaking.

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Though Ubisoft has announced a host of new entries in some of its major franchises the studio isn't opposed to revisiting others like Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia that haven't been seen in several years Speaking to IGN during E as part of a larger discussion of Ubisoft's Canadian studios Ubisoft Montreal CEO Yannis Mallat said the company is open to revisiting dormant franchises given the right ideas I like to think of the studio as a huge creative collective So if some of the creative comes to us and says 'Hey by the way I have this crazy…

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