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Kinguin is a digital marketplace for digital games of Polish origin and it has a catalog of more than 1500 digital games for PC. Currently, it is one of the largest unofficial resellers of digital PC games. Buyer Protection Program with 30 days money back guarantee. In addition a very competent Customer Support team takes care of any issue through instant LiveChat. Their average time of delivery of the keys they are very fast, between 5 and 15 minutes and methods of payment are: PayPal, Credit Card, Ukash and Moneybookers. Looking for Kinguin discounts? Many of the stores have occasional discounts, but if you don't see it applied in our comparison above the price, then there are no discount coupons available at that time. In this case, for Kinguin, we do have an 8% off coupon (GCDK8), so simply enter it before checking out.

Delivery time
5min. - 15min.
Payment methods
Sold items

Pros/Cons for Kinguin


Reduced prices

Compared to the official sellers, this store has much lower prices due to the format of the games.

Reduced delivery times

This store delivers any game virtually instantly, with virtually no waiting time for the buyer

Multiple payment methods

This shop offers a huge variety of possible payment methods. Remember that each of these payment methods can increase the price depending on the rates.

Good ratings at Trustpilot

This shop has an excellent rating at Trustpilot, which proves its reliability.

24/7 Support

This store offers 24/7 customer support, resolving all issues in a matter of minutes. This method of support demonstrates the reliability of the store.

Continuous Offers

This store has a section of uninterrupted offers, every day of the year.


Not official store

Unofficial stores sell games that come from unauthorized sources. For that reason, there may be cases of duplication or malfunction with the keys. In that case you should contact the store for solution.

Price increased by payment method

When you go to make the purchase, the price will probably increase due to taxes, operational fees or charges for different payment methods. The increase depends on the price of the product.

Price increased by EU VAT

This shop adds an extra tax when buying a product, so the price may be increased depending on the country from which you buy it.

Many of the games are "Steam gifts"

STEAM GIFTS are another game format in which instead of sending a key an activation URL is sent, although most work well, STEAM is against this method. Make sure you know what version you're buying before you buy.

This store is a Marketplace

Marketplaces, although they can offer more competitive prices, usually give more problems when activating the keys. Make sure that when you buy from a marketplace, the seller has the highest score.

Better prices with little visibility

This store usually hides the best deals at the bottom of the web, putting a higher price in plain sight. Before you buy, search the web for the best price.

Price increased by extra fees

This store includes a fee known as "Platform Development Contribution" that increases the final price of all its products, so the price we indicate in Gocdkeys is less than what is actually charged due to this fee.


Μουσικές Αποδράσεις Avatar
Μουσικές Αποδράσεις
2023-09-17 14:27:10


Joel Avatar
2023-08-15 00:12:29

good site

Jackz YouTube Avatar
Jackz YouTube
2023-05-20 14:27:13

The review on this is so good!!

Dorian Avatar
2022-11-27 05:36:59

Muy buena

Ezú Avatar
2022-06-21 19:51:33


Oscar Avatar
2022-03-30 21:05:37

yo yo sick game it worked

Pro Avatar
2019-11-15 12:52:04

Bough games from here before fantastic company

mzlle Avatar
2019-11-03 11:16:13

j'ai deja commandé sur Kingouin et je n'est jamais eu de probléme , en plus de ca la livraison des codes et quasi immédiate

IPlayGamesHere Avatar
2018-10-19 18:28:18

I have bought multiple games on this site and never got disappointed, the whole process was fast as lightning and prices that you can get nowhere else

Alex Avatar
2018-06-21 01:32:56

trust this website with my life for keys, every one of them i've had so far worked and had a significant price drop than the original item

2017-07-14 02:28:39

Bought Killing Floor 2 Deluxe with an awesome discount. After the purchase I got the key instantly to my e-mail and the key was valid, I hope I won't get the key revoked if so, I am so happy with my purchase!

Avi Avatar
2017-06-13 22:02:39

I've bought 1 and only 1 game from Kinguin, Diablo 3, they sent me a photo of a key with missing letters, so i had to go through support and show them the photo they sent, but in the end they did send me another key and it worked. Still, not a perfect experience. Also they do not offer the cheapest available keys.

2017-05-07 13:33:40

If you buy a key that does not work, the customer service does not answer. They try that you lose the money spent, if you buy here I recommend to pay with Paypal.

2016-10-19 13:15:56

Great store and good prices

2016-10-12 11:18:26

great one

2016-08-02 15:42:09

Want to get cheap, Kinguin. If you use your brain just a little, you can really profit from this !

Deli Avatar
2016-05-15 10:59:28

really really nice

Ali Murat Avatar
Ali Murat
2016-05-15 06:35:55

It's a Penguin, it's a King, it has a new store in my language on my country :)

2016-04-26 14:42:55

Good site

Sabri Avatar
2016-04-22 21:42:59

good store

2016-03-18 01:40:47

the perfect store :D

Tobias Avatar
2015-11-06 02:13:30

Best place to buy keys - spent at least €300 there (including when it was just G2Play)

2015-09-19 05:12:37

Great store, nice games

2015-04-14 19:26:08

awesome site i think

Nicola Avatar
2015-04-09 12:01:33

very good site

Arash Avatar
2015-04-07 13:59:34

Good prices!

2015-04-06 21:21:42

great store and good prices almost every time

2015-03-26 18:49:44

pretty nice site

2015-03-10 22:25:52

Good store and great price !

2015-02-27 11:35:50

Kinguin has got some great low Prices :)

2015-02-19 00:11:35

Bought several games from kinguin. Everything was good, and fast. Amazing support

2015-02-02 21:47:31

Esta junto a Fast2play es una de las mejores tiendas

2015-01-14 15:02:43

Very fast and secure website

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