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HYPERNOVA Escape from Hadea (PC) Key

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HYPERNOVA Escape from Hadea is a game that mixes strategy and Tower Defense, besides having a very elaborate system of evolution of turrets, collection of resources, ... A perfect mix that make it one of the best mix of these two genres of the year.

All the action in HYPERNOVA Escape from Hadea takes place in a distant alien planetary system. Its main star, Naidira, is becoming increasingly unstable and will soon explode, causing an apocalyptic hypernova that will destroy all life in Hadea. Our civilization is the Scythians, a technologically advanced civilization able to avoid this disaster of celestial magnitudes, but in order to avoid this cosmic apocalypse they will have to travel to a nearby moon and obtain the necessary resources to create the machine that will save them from the destruction.

This is where our adventure begins, as this moon is full of enemies. Our mission will be to create the perimeter defenses necessary for bugs not to reach our resource collection machines.

Comments and reviews

nice offre ! i ddnt play this game before but i think im gonna try this one soon . i like stg games it takes a long time but its ok . its my style