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You will find a price comparison of the digital version in eShop Code format of the video game Biomutant for Nintendo Switch, to make it easier for our users to find the best prices and offers in the most prominent online stores to make it easier to find the cheapest price or the best deal.


What is the Biomutant eShop Code?

Relax, it's nothing unusual, in fact it's the most common method of buying Nintendo Switch games!

A Code is a digital code (a set of letters and serial numbers) that you can redeem quickly and easily within the official Nintendo Switch video game platform in exchange for a digital copy of Biomutant for Nintendo Switch.

What are the advantages of buying the Code for Biomutant?

It's not just about the price, there are many other advantages!

• Instant accessibility to your games through the internet from any location.
• When you buy a key, you receive it immediately to redeem it whenever you want.
• Early access to games or trial versions before the official release.
• You can buy your Code and gift it to your friends without any problems.

What does this product include?

Everything you need to start playing from home in minutes!

It includes the Biomutant video game for Nintendo Switch, although some stores may include special editions with additional content such as a Deluxe or Ultimate edition. Also some stores may sell "Preorder Bonus" which means that version comes with extra content, such as DLC or cosmetics.

Are there regional restrictions for this Nintendo Switch game?

Beware, many of the eShop Codes that stores sell are region locked!

This product can be global or include region restrictions that only allow you to activate it in specific areas of the world such as Europe, USA or UK. Check carefully! We will tell you if there are regional restrictions.

How will I receive the Biomutant Code after I buy it?

In the easiest way you can imagine, directly to your email in minutes!

Your product will be delivered immediately after payment through your email, where you will receive a digital code, also called CD Key, which you can redeem without problems in the official Nintendo Switch store.

How do I activate the Biomutant eShop Code in my account?

If it's a eShop Code it's very simple!

- Log in to your Nintendo personal account.
- Go to the "Games" section in the main MENU.
- Select the option "Activate Product".
- Follow the instructions on the screen and enter the Biomutant Code that you have previously received in the mail.
- The download will start automatically.

WHY SHOULD YOU BUY Biomutant FOR Nintendo Switch?

1- BIOMUTANT is presented as an exciting KungFu fable role-playing game in a post-apocalyptic open world, standing out for its unique martial arts-style combat system. The game offers an experience where freedom of movement and agility are key, allowing players to mix hand-to-hand action, shooting and mutant abilities to face the challenges of a world ravaged by plague and the decline of the Tree of Life.

2- One of the outstanding features is the innovative 3rd person combat system, where the martial arts style provides maximum freedom and agility. Through progression, new forms of WungFu combat are learned, ensuring that the options in combat are constantly expansive and never go out of style.

3- The ability to evolve your game is another strong point, allowing you to recode your genetic structure to change your appearance and way of playing. Exposure to biocontamination and radioactivity triggers various mutations, such as Turtleform and Mucus Bubble, or psimutations such as telekinesis and levitation.

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