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Version of Attack On Titan 2 (AOT 2) for Nintendo Switch and spectacular adaptation of the famous animated series in which humanity's last remnants live in a city protected by high walls, the only reliable defense that protects them against fearsome titans, huge creatures whose favourite dish is humans.

We will relive the adventures of our feisty group of explorers but in a much more faithful way to the series, along with an evolved combat and movement system that will offer greater versatility and deeper, more dynamic battles. It also introduces new concepts such as the sections, which provide a brief respite to characters where they can enjoy ordinary life between battles. We can also use this time to develop relationships or to train for our next mission.

We will also have available the Titan Investigation Room, which will allow us to see the Titans we have captured using a containment pistol, as well as gather detailed information that will be very useful for future confrontations. We will also be able to develop and evolve our weaponry, modernizing the gas system, blades, as well as our skills.

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