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Developed at Rebellion by the team responsible for the original 1999 PC classic, the all-new Aliens vs. Predator allows players to take the role of three infamous species: Colonial Marines, Predators and Aliens. The game features a unique three-way online multiplayer experience, allowing gamers to battle for survival and the right to be crowned the deadliest species in the galaxy. Each race also has its own distinct action-packed single-player campaign mode, with a storyline that cleverly interweaves with the other two species’ paths. Set on planet BG-386; a human colonist mining group discovers an ancient pyramid containing a dark and horrible secret. Across the galaxy, a race of warriors is alerted to the discovery of their pyramid and a hunting party is dispatched to ensure that it remains sealed at all costs. Deep inside the ruined pyramid meanwhile, nature's deadliest species awakes from centuries of hibernation intent on finding new prey. The Colonial Marine's story is an incredible fight against all odds from horrors lurking in the dark. Surrounded on all sides yet armed to the teeth, the Colonial Marine represents humanity's last stand with the firepower to fight back

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The best Aliens VS Predator game EVER. You play as a soldier, Alien and even as the Predator! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT!?
Recommended to play with friends for Multiplayer


not bad

but boring

April 07, 2015
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trailers & gameplays

XENOMORPH BREAKOUT | Aliens VS Predator (Alien Campaign Part 1)

AVP Marine Gameplay Mission #1 Colony

AVP Alien Mission #1 Research Lab

AVP Predator Gameplay mission #1 Jungle