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Buy Rocket League for Xbox One at best price is already possible thanks to gocdkeys. This version of Rocket League for Xbox One can be both physical or digital format, so we recommend carefully reading all the information in each of the stores that are set out below. Rocket League is a futuristic sports game action, very addictive and since its launch has already sold millions of copies in its PC version. We will pilot the most powerful cars in the world while we face our enemies in futuristic epic football matches with a giant ball. One of the most impressive qualities of Rocket League are really spectacular graphics and physics that we take advantage for us if we want to overcome our opponents. We will use the momentum of our vehicle and the mass of the same to move through huge soccer fields and get huge ball in the opposing goal. Remember that there are several versions of this title available, we recommend carefully reading each of the stores specifications for download, as well as the time of sending the keys and payment systems.

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Rocket League having a free weekend, rejoice

The weekend looms The dreaded monster of free time skulks in the shadows ready to devour you and spit you out again on Monday morning What sacrifice must we make this time to the foulspawn Prey is coming out but that is expensive The Division is free until Sunday but that is grindy If only there was some small wonderful universally-adored game to throw to the creature Something with cars but also giant bouncing balls but also slow-motion replays but also playable for OH MY WORDY WORDS WHAT IS THAT It s a Rocket League official site free weekend visit…

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Simplified Neo Tokyo E.X.P.L.O.D.E.S. into Rocket League

Splendid sports em up Rocket League official site has launched a new version of its Neo Tokyo sportsdome with the same cyberpunk city backdrop but a standard pitch layout Neo Tokyo hit Rocket League in June but its non-typical layout with elevated sides and therefore non-typical play irked some players so developers Psyonix pulled it from the competitive playlist in March The new regular Neo Tokyo is now in all playlists while the old version will still be playable in private and offline matches under its new name of Tokyo Underpass visit site to read more…

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Rocket League to celebrate birthday with new map

Like a jammy dodger who books a bouncy castle for their child s birthday party Rocket League official site developers Psyonix are giving plenty of notice about celebrations for their gamebaby Rocket League turns two on July th and on the th Psyonix plan to release a big update bringing a new arena the start of its fifth competitive season new engine sounds custom goal explosions and new sportscars like a mutant F racer That s the news out of the Rocket League Championship Series Season Three World Championship this weekend whose livestreams are archived for folks who fancy watching…

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Rocket League for Switch Includes Cross-Network Play

Shortly after its initial reveal this morning Psyonix revealed new details about the Switch version of Rocket League which is due out in holiday It's available for preorder now The Switch version will include cross-network play that lets you play against players on other platforms Rocket League's official announcement clarified that cross-play on Switch will be available only with Xbox One and Steam Rocket League players No mention of cross-play with PS players has been made Continue reading…

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Rocket League Confirmed for Nintendo Switch

A montage at the beginning of the Nintendo Spotlight event today revealed that Rocket League is headed to Nintendo Switch It's available for preorder now Previously Psyonix said it was evaluating a version of its hit game for Nintendo s console but today marks the first official confirmation As part of the announcement Psyonix also revealed that the Nintendo Switch version will include cross-platform play with Xbox One and PC players The developer has also addressed what features and content will be included in the Switch version Continue reading…

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Rocket League Nintendo Switch Version Detailed

Psyonix announced Rocket League will be released for the Nintendo Switch later this year and IGN spoke with Vice President Jeremy Dunham and Producer Bobby Garza for more details about the Switch version Performance was what mattered most to us so we aim to make sure that the game runs at fps docked and undocked Dunham explained That effort to maintain the performance of Rocket League as it plays on other systems is in part why the game will have a native resolution of p As mentioned during the game s announcement Rocket League on Switch which will be cross-network…

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Rocket League Dev on Cross-Network Play's Importance

With the announcement of Rocket League coming to the Nintendo Switch Psyonix has opened up more possibilities of cross-network play a feature that according to the company s Vice President Jeremy Dunham is key to the longevity of games across generations Speaking with IGN during an E interview Dunham discussed the developer s focus on cross-platform play which now allows Rocket League players to compete against others across Xbox One PC and Switch PS players can currently play against PC players but not Xbox One nor at this time Switch players when the game releases this holiday Continue reading…

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Rick and Morty are taking over Rocket League, Gang Beasts and more

One million games Rick and Morty Continue reading…

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Rick and Morty Coming to Rocket League

Rick and Morty will be available as free customization items in Rocket League starting July As per an update on Rocketleague com Rick and Morty will be available as Antennas Cromulon Mr Meeseeks and Mr PBH will be available as Toppers and you'll also be able to enjoy an Interdimensional GB Rocket Boost and 'Sanchez DC- ' Wheels As a bonus the Cromulon Topper can drop as a painted item Continue reading…

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Rick and Morty coming to Rocket League and more

As Adult Swim gears up for the third season of Rick and Morty characters from Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland s anarchic sci-fi cartoon will be appearing in a slew of games including Rocket League official site visit site to read more…

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Rick and Morty Rocket League DLC Available Today

Rick and Morty-themed customizable options a new arena and more come to Rocket League today as part of the game's nd Anniversary update…

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Big Rocket League Update Launches Today With A Free Map, New Customization Types

A major update for Rocket League arrives later today This free release includes new content that's meant to mark the game's second anniversary following its original release back in July Most notably the update introduces a new map called Champions Field You can get a glimpse of this in the video above but it's essentially a giant outdoor stadium with a layout that's closer to a square than a rectangle In addition to the arena all players get new Rick and Morty-themed customization options for free these include toppers a rocket boost and wheels Perhaps more significantly new customization options…

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Rocket League adds new arena, Rick & Morty items today

Today is a notable day for Rocket League official site it s the day two days before the second anniversary of its launch What better day other than the obvious to launch an anniversary update Developers Psyonix are today adding celebratory goodies including a new carball arena new cars and new Rick and Morty trinkets to decorate your sports car Presumably the purpose of pre-anniversary anniversary update is to let everyone party down and wreck themselves tonight recover over tomorrow then be professional and respectable for the actual anniversary on Friday be nice to sponsors avoid swearing in front of…

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Rocket League Hits 33 Million Players, 1.6 Million Play Every Day

The soccer-with-cars game Rocket League came out two years ago this month Psyonix is celebrating the anniversary with a big new update and now the developer has announced more player statistics and launched the game's first-ever double drop-rate weekend Beginning today July all uncommon or greater customisation items and Creates will drop with greater frequency Additionally the chance of getting a painted version of an item is doubled now until when the promo period ends on July As for the new player numbers Psyonix announced that Rocket League has now seen million players though the game has not necessarily sold…

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Is Rocket League still welcoming to new and casual players?

Rocket League official site Cars with fire shooting out their bums playing football The absolute best Or so it was in There is this trend whereby the most fresh and accessible game drifts into incomprehensible specifity and a poisonously impatient community over time Two years on has Rocket League escaped that curse Or if you are like me something of a casual player when it comes to competitive online games is there still a way into Rocket League visit site to read more…

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Rocket League: How Australians Can Watch The Big New Tournament

While Australians could not register for the newest big-time Rocket League tournament they won't miss out on being able to watch the action The Grand Finals of the new tournament will be televised on Syfy in Australia as well as the UK Germany and Latin America while Americans can watch it on NBC Sports The Grand Finals which features teams competing for the first-ever title and a share of a prize pool can be streamed live on syfy com au and through the traditional linear Syfy TV channel The finals take place in the US on August - which comes…

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Rocket League now auto-bans players using abusive words

Rocket League official site players will face automatic bans if they use certain words in chat under new anti-harassment rules introduced this week Developer Psyonix has come up with a list of words including racial slurs that players will be punished for using and plan to expand the list in future Under the Language Ban system each word on the list which is secret will have a different threshold for punishment Some you might get away with using once or twice but you won t be so lucky with others And if you re a repeat offender you ll receive…

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NVC: Rocket League's Journey to Switch

Welcooooooome to the latest episode of our weekly Nintendo talk show Nintendo Voice Chat In Episode we welcome a special guest VP of Publishing at Psyonix Jeremy Dunham Jeremy made the jump from games media to game development almost eight years ago Tune in to hear him talk about his personal journey as well as the fascinating success story of the company's flagship title Rocket League and its journey to Nintendo Switch later this year What's it like first laying eyes on development hardware What's it like working with Nintendo Answers in the second half of our show Join Brian…

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Why Rocket League Might Be the Perfect Mainstream Esport

If you've ever seen children play soccer you can easily understand why the sport is known as the World Game The barrier for entry to play football is nearly non-existent many of the smallest children don't even kick the ball instead simply colliding with it as they run around the pitch It's the first experience with team sports that many people worldwide will have and it sticks At some level everyone understands soccer because reduced to its simplest level soccer is just a series of collisions between legs and a big ball Rocket League taps into this elementary concept from…

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Rocket League Switch Exclusive Cars Revealed

The upcoming Nintendo Switch version of Rocket League's Nintendo-themed exclusive cars have been revealed Psyonix has unveiled the Mario Luigi and Samus-themed cars that will be unlockable when the Nintendo Switch version launches this holiday season The Mario and Luigi vehicles are technically one NSR car that come in two different colors The Mario version is red and can only be used if you're on the Orange Team while the Luigi car is green and can be used if you're on the Blue team Both cars have a Super Star boost that leaves behind a trail of stars The Samus'…

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Nintendo Switch's Exclusive Rocket League Cars Look Great

Rocket League will feature some exclusive Nintendo-themed content on Switch Alongside the items we've already seen developer Psyonix today revealed two cars you'll only find in the Switch version--and one in particular looks especially fantastic You can check them out in the trailer above First up are the most obvious inclusions the Mario NSR and Luigi NSR These are technically one car and the version you'll drive is dependent on what team you're on--Mario on Orange and Luigi on Blue This might prove to be slightly confusing as each car is primarily red or green with blue highlights that are…

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Rocket League on Nintendo Switch will get Mario and Metroid cars

Switch owners will get some cool exclusive skins Continue reading…

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Rocket League switching to standard-shape arenas only

Novelty can be novel but Rocket League is falling back on the familiar Developers Psyonix are planning to switch the carball em up s map rotation to only standard-shaped arenas not any with dips or knobbly bits or other weird tricks And like they did with NeoTokyo earlier this year they re making standardised versions of the Wasteland and Starbase ARC irregular arenas Psyonix say they aren t that popular and the inconsistency detracts from the game Both the Competitive and Casual modes will feature standard arenas only though oddities will still be playable in private and offline matches as…

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Why Rocket League Might Be the Perfect Mainstream Esport

Simple to follow easy to learn and difficult to master - Rocket League has it all…

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How an Emergency Fix Saved Rocket League's Servers

Rocket League developer Psyonix Studios was caught off guard by the game s early success And that popularity put quite a strain on the servers according to design director Corey Davis On the second episode of IGN Expert Mode Davis revealed there was a surprising solution to keeping the servers up for Rocket League at launch Continue reading…

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What Skill Surprised Rocket League Devs

The creators behind Rocket League were utterly flabbergasted the first time they saw players dunk the ball into the goal from off the wall On the second episode of IGN Expert Mode Psyonix Studios design director Corey Davis discusses one of the coolest skills that players came up with for Rocket League Continue reading…

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Rocket League's New Tournament System Is an eSports Example to Follow

Rocket League s presence as an eSport continues to grow with an NBC partnership and several championship seasons already under its belt In fall this year Rocket League is taking that to a new level entirely with a Steam open beta for a fully fledged tournament system built into the game client itself Tournaments will have their own space on Rocket League s main menu and will allow players to join or create their own formally laddered competitive series with very specific or very loose requirements You ll be able to set a date for a tournament two weeks out…

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Rocket League Update Adds New Arena, Items, and More

Rocket League s upcoming content update the Autumn Update is scheduled for September The update will introduce the following - One new Seasonal Arena called Farmstead The Arena was aesthetically inspired by a farm with wheat fields crops and a barn surrounding the playing field It s also set in Autumn meaning there s a lot of red orange and yellow - Standard versions of the Wasteland and Starbase Arc Arenas for consistency in eSports - An option to have transparent goalposts If this setting is turned on goalposts turn transparent based on where the player and the camera are…

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Rocket League autumn update hits 28th with a farm map

An autumnal farmyard map will come to Rocket League official site with the next big update alongside those promised standardised versions of oddly-shaped carball pitches developers Psyonix have confirmed Last night they announced that the Autumn Update will launch on September th and also started revealing what will follow that They re working on an in-game tournament system which will likely hit beta this year then launch in and are creating a new party system that might one day lead to cross-platform parties For now look at this pretty farm more…

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Rocket League's Next Big Update Arrives This Month, Here's What It Adds

The next update for Rocket League is just around the corner The game's Autumn Update arrives on September and introduces new items player banners and a new seasonal arena among other features The seasonal arena is called the Farmstead and like its name implies it's an autumn-themed map set in the middle of a farm It'll be available in Competitive Casual and Private matches following the update but it'll only be around for a limited time this fall You can see screenshots of the arena below In addition to the season arena the Autumn Update introduces standard arena versions of…

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How Rocket League Beat the Odds - IGN Expert Mode Ep. 2

Have you ever wanted to actually sit down with one of the creators that made the game and be able to just play and chat with them about everything that went into making the game On our new show Expert Mode we move past the traditional interview format and spend some time on the couch just chatting playing and learning The five episodes of the show will air first exclusively on Facebook s new Watch platform so be sure to follow IGN Expert Mode on Facebook if you want to see it before it airs in the weeks following on…

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trailers & gameplays

FUNNIES & FREESTYLES 6! - Rocket League Best Goals, Saves, Fails (Gameplay/Funny Montage)

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