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Information about Rocket League Key for PC

What is the key for Rocket League on PC?

It is a key that will allow you to download the game Rocket League on your PC from official download platforms.

What's the best price for buying the key of Rocket League for PC?

As of Monday 27/05/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Rocket League on PC is $8.59.Check out our recommendations!

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$8.59 Consogame with -14% Voucher: Gocdkeys
9 Deals
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  • All versions (9)
    -99% €8.59
  • Steam Key icon Steam Key (5)
    -99% €8.59 Recommended
  • Collector Ed. icon Collector Ed. (1)
    -13% €12.15
  • GOTY Ed. icon GOTY Ed. (3)
    -98% €18.64

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The cheapest prices of Rocket League Key

Region Global
steam-key Steam Key Steam Key
Steam Key 15%
Steam Key 4.5
Voucher 3% GOCDKEYS
Region Europe
steam-key Steam Key Steam Key
Steam Key 1%
Steam Key 2.9
Voucher 13% 13GCDK
Region Global
goty-ed GOTY Ed. GOTY Ed.
GOTY Ed. 1%
GOTY Ed. 2.9
Voucher 13% 13GCDK
Region Global
goty-ed GOTY Ed. GOTY Ed.
GOTY Ed. 2%
GOTY Ed. 4.2
Voucher 13% 13GCDK
Region Europe
steam-key Steam Key Steam Key
Steam Key 1%
Steam Key 4.2
Voucher 10% GCDKGamivo

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There are no stores available at the moment.

Now you can buy Rocket League cd key for Steam at best price via Gocdkeys. Rocket League cd key is a digital code that will activate the download of this title from the Steam platform. you only need to add the cd key that you´ll receive by email into your Steam Games Library to download it. Rocket League is a futuristic sports game and action in which our charactera will be equipped with the most powerful cars in the world as we face other opponents in a futuristic football game with a giant ball. Rocket League physics is very realistic, and we must use the momentum of our vehicle and the mass of the same to move through vast fields and scores our opponent. Remember that there are several versions of this title available, we recommend carefully reading each of the stores specifications for download, as well as shipping times of the keys and payment systems.

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What do our users think of Rocket League for PC Digital?

5/5 (144 Comments in all languages)


2023-02-15 17:35:36

Rocket League is an excellent game. Playing with friends while tryharding, or just playing casually in normal mode to have a great time. It's a game with a huge skill cap


2022-06-20 16:21:33

lots of fun climbing ranked ladder, until you reach people who are playing exclusively in the air and you will not be able to touch the ball, but at least you have motivation to improve, this game works for several platforms but only on pc you have online multiplayer for free, without paying other premium service, so definitely worth buying


2021-08-24 12:22:05

Its fun with friends and especially the boomer mode in custom games with infinite boost and insane ball physics I'd recommend it especially if you like cars and soccer.


2020-08-16 10:08:53

interesting soccer game, in which cars are used, the truth is that at first I thought it was only for children but once you play the truth is that it is worth it


2020-05-29 19:47:18

rocket league is a really fun game that kids and adults can enjoy alike me and my friends play this alot and we always have fun wether we win or lose!


2020-01-27 18:14:18

Really good game i have played many houndreds of hours and i really think this is worth your money. Some people may think you do the same thing all over again, but i think it is still fun.


2020-01-20 18:01:02

interesante juego de fubtol, en el que se usan coches, la verdad que al principio pensaba que era solo para niños pero una vez juegas la verdad es que merece la pena


2019-10-15 02:10:51

rocket league is a really fun game that kids and adults can enjoy alike me and my friends play this alot and we always have fun wether we win or lose!


2019-09-23 19:13:05

if you are bored then this is the best game!!!! there are so much events with an equal chance to win very rare items dlc are so worthy, mostly batman and dc :))


2019-05-01 19:43:44

Rocket League is a great game. You can complete a full match in under 10 minutes so it is fun to play after returning home from work. It is one of my favourite games on Steam and it is highly recommended!


2018-09-14 17:58:14

Juego muy divertido, sobre todo con amigos. Personalmente me gusta mucho y lo recomiendo. Es uno de mis juegos favoritos, está muy bien hecho.


2018-08-26 14:31:51

The game is actually damn good. Only thing that is bad about it is if you play casual you are probably gonna get forced into joining games mid game while loosing


2018-08-19 22:03:47

Rocket League is a fun and enjoyable game that is suitable for all ages anyone could play it but only some can actually master it. It's quite challenging and can provoke you to damaging your equipment XD.


2018-05-22 01:52:34

Ce jeu à l'air vraiment génial , il me le faut le plus vite possible, vivement qu'il sorte pour que je puisse y jouer, ça à vraiment l'air d'une tuerie


2018-04-11 18:32:38

Rocket league is an amazing crossover between racing games and soccer games. The result is absolutely fantastic. You can either play against AIs, or with friends online! it is one of my favourite games to play with friends.


2017-12-24 20:24:48

Game is awsome.I just want pheonix to fix this glitch that when you win it does'nt division you up or if you lose it does'nt division you down.


2017-09-27 15:05:23

soccer with cars = amazing i like that game so much, also tried a trial version of this game and just wanted to buy it but i couldnt that time


2017-08-23 08:48:06

This game is fun. I'm trying to get it but it is fun. Get it. I have this game on steam by family sharing but I'm trying to get it and play multiplayer with my friends. Unlocking cars and accessories are hard but it is okay


2017-08-01 08:34:41

Things about the game: -Easy to pick up -Hard to master -Great Mechanics -Big community -Professional competitive scene -DLCs for some extra cars and customizations -Lots of customization for your favorites cars -HORRIBLE microphone chat -Case openings -It will make you laugh and cry -NOT a Friendly community, common toxicity you have to dominate: ----> Piece of SH*T just rotate !!!! ----> FU**ING ball chaser !!!! ----> IDI*T you have to put the ball in the other goal !!!!! ----> Are you FU**ING R*T*RD*D, why do you queue up if you gonna be AFK!?!?! Final point: skills + salt = GREAT GAME!


2017-06-19 13:52:01

I tested this game on a friend's house and i thinks it's the best combination of football and car racing. The games are so fast and exciting, i recommend to everyone.


2016-08-10 02:32:56

Awesome givaway


2016-07-22 13:50:33

Do you guys recommend it? For that price it might be really worth it!


2016-05-08 19:58:16

The truth is that Rocket League took me quite a pleasant surprise as a game so "easy" has given me many good times and many hours of entertainment. In Rocket League we will find a very intense football games, but not with current players, In Rocket League our player will be powerful vehicle. This, in part to give greater difficulty to the gameplay more fun and it also makes us run into something new. Although it is true that already had games in the same style as Supersonic Acrobatic not remember how still haha ​​but this title was already outdated and Rocket League also adds many features besides adding graphical improvements, as is obvious. So Psyonix has made some good improvements in this new title. In Rocket League we play frantic modes 1 on 1 2v2 4v4 3v3 or where not stop running from one side to another to defend and attack to try to score the opposing team. We can also perform acrobatic jumps effects to give the ball or to shoot at goal so we have to train to become a superstar field! In addition to Rocket League not there any rule so we can move freely and hit the opponent, crazy, wow! Find a stadium-shaped area in which no faults, no offsides, no penalty or any other obstacle to the free play. In addition, the ball will be difficult to control so it is a good challenge when dialing. At first you can even get overwhelming despair and thinking that it is impossible to handling the ball but as you play 3 or 4 games you will see that and got the hang and even can haggle your opponent with a good fast / braking. What really make us enjoy the game is to play games with or against our friends, and it is really in every single game we play we will escape a few laughs ... The game also has a single mode with ranking system which will upload levels. Besides this serves to go customizing our racing car at will with hundreds or thousands of possibilities, wonderful, hear Nah! I forgot to mention that a detail that I liked is that we can play with different weather conditions which gives another special touch to the game. I must also mention that the game is a wonderful candidate for eSports tournaments and official pages. Do not think any longer! Minimum configuration OS: Win Xp 32 CPU: Core 2 Duo E4400 2.0GHz / Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 4000+ RAM: 2 GB GPU: GeForce 8800 GS / GT Radeon HD 2900 HDD: 2 GB So it is unconditional candidate if what you want is a game to enjoy with your friends and you out a few laughs. Greetings and hope to serve you!


2016-04-27 09:47:46

Great game, worth to buy.


2016-04-17 14:46:04

this game is awesome


2016-04-14 02:39:22



2016-03-03 12:17:06

En serio...? Solo 4 Euros?


2016-02-28 03:53:17

soccer with cars = amazing


2016-02-23 20:07:23



2016-02-23 19:55:01

Hang cars


2016-01-14 20:23:11

awesome game!


2016-01-08 01:10:56

This is a good game and I think this website makes it even better!


2015-12-04 02:27:15



2015-11-11 11:17:00

Tiene pinta de ser muy divertido la verdad... ;)


2015-11-09 14:42:07

Good game but I don't recommend playing it unless you have at least one other friend to play with because it can get kinda boring on your own.


2015-11-05 07:58:01



francisco javier
2015-10-30 16:01:44

a ver si se pone barato y me lo compro


2015-10-18 12:44:25

The most awesome game you could buy


2015-08-15 17:23:13



2015-08-14 18:16:44

Great game!


2015-07-19 15:54:19

This looks amazing saw some gameplay and now I am hyped. I want to play with my friends the whole holidays!


2015-07-17 13:04:06

When I first heard about this game , it piqued my interest but after I saw some gameplay videos on twitch, I was HYPED but unfortunately I can't afford it so I hope I win :)


2015-07-16 21:18:36

I love this game all my friends have it and I want to get it. It's a great game for my pc and I can run it Hope I win.


Gladiator of
2015-07-15 03:38:47

This game is awsome and i really want to have a key to the game for sure

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