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Nosgoth Vampire Pack
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Watch Nosgoth Vampire Pack  trailer

An eternal conflict between two races, hundreds of years of constant war between humans and vampires, the Nosgoth wars have come, a war for the survival of two races with unique abilities. Nosgoth is a multiplayer game based on battle between two races: Humans and Vampires. Each side has its own advantages and disadvantages. If we select Human, we have at our disposal a large arsenal of ranged weapons capable of stopping any vampire who put us on the road. But if we choose the side of the Vampires, we can access a range of unique abilities, such as superhuman strength and powerful melee attacks, and even we can fly. The Vampire Package includes: instant access to Nosgoth, 16000 Runestones (worth $ 80) for use in the ingame store, 4 invitations to friends, 3 silver and 3 gold chests, the ability to reserve the name of our clan a 25% boost, a skin Reaver, early access to the sentinel class and unique logo vampire.

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funnyjol on March 07, 2016

Not a huge fan of this multiplayer game

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