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Step into the mind of Howard Phillips, a young man who has developed an obsession with its dreams. Explore unique worlds filled with puzzles, secrets and horrors and tries to find meaning in the life of Howard. This is an adventure game with multiple endings depending on the choices you make. Dream presents a story divided into three acts with multiple paths and end completely determined by the way we explore and move between dreams. Every act plunge you into new worlds that help decipher the past, emotions and ambitions of Howard. Through dreams and nightmares Howard chance to shape their future.

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Dreamfall Chapters

Dreamfall Chapters continues and concludes the gripping story of Zoe Castillo the Dreamer Revisiting familiar locations and characters and introducing new sights and sounds new faces new game mechanics new thrills and challenges Dreamfall Chapters takes the player on an emotional exciting and challenging journey -- from a dystopian cyberpunk future through the mysterious and dreamlike Storytime to the magical landscapes of Arcadia Publisher Red Thread Games Release Date May…

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This Custom SNES Switch Is a Nintendo Fan's Dream

UPDATE Originally we reported the custom SNES Switch was the creation of an Orange County based customizer but we have since learned the photos sent to us are the creation of Doyle Dean who posted the photos to his Instagram and Etsy shop almost a week ago We reached out to Kustom Kontrollerz for comment as well if it could supply photographs of the company's customized SNES controller skin We will update the story when we hear back The story as it originally appeared is below with changes made in the slideshow to properly credit the source Continue reading…

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Richard Madden Joins Philip K. Dick's Electric Dreams

Game of Thrones alum Richard Madden has joined the sci-fi series Philip K Dick's Electric Dreams Electric Dreams is a -episode sci-fi anthology series executive produced by Bryan Cranston that features stand-alone episodes inspired by Phillip K Dick's work Madden will star as Agent Ross in the episode titled The Hood Maker Additionally Holiday Grainger Cinderella and Anneika Rose Silent Witness will star in the episode as Honor and Mary respectively Richard Madden in Game of Thrones Continue reading…

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IGN UK Podcast #384: Our Dream Witcher Netflix Cast

In an INCREDIBLE COINCIDENCE the Witcher's getting a Netflix show just as Game of Thrones comes to a close So what better people to cast it than Gav and Dale who have almost no knowledge of the games We also discuss why The Handmaid's Tale is so good Joe can't bring himself to watch it anymore why Farpoint is so VR-y that Dale can't play it anymore and why Iron Maiden's beer is so beef-like that Gav can't drink it anymore Plus your ever-excellent feedback and another listener-submitted Keyword Countdown Get it up your ears stat IGN UK Podcast Our…

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DF Retro: Soul Calibur on Dreamcast - beyond 'arcade perfect'

Arcade perfect - there was a time when this was the most sought after aspect of console gaming Many titles got close but few provided that absolutely authentic experience that perfectionists craved Outside of ultra-deluxe consoles built for that purpose - like the Neo-Geo - most gamers could only dream about pixel-perfect home conversions of their favourite arcade titles However with the arrival of Soul Calibur on Sega Dreamcast in Namco delivered what some might consider the ultimate home port This conversion didn't just match the arcade experience it radically improved on it A sequel to the wildly successful Soul…

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Cameron on the "Dream" of Avatar's Disney Theme Park

James Cameron has big big plans for Avatar as he gets ready to begin shooting four sequels that will follow up the story told in the film - which is still the highest-grossing movie ever released But that's hardly all that's going on for Avatar as this past weekend saw the opening of Pandora The World of Avatar an entire themed land at Walt Disney World's Animal Kingdom that is based around the film At the opening event for Pandora I spoke to Cameron about this massive undertaking which includes an incredibly impressive ride Flight of Passage We also discussed…

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Super Nintendo World looks like a dream come true in first teaser

We're already planning our trip to Nintendo's theme park Continue reading…

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Have You Played… Barbie Dreamhouse Party?

Have You Played is an endless stream of game retrospectives One a day every day perhaps for all time That s a rhetorical question of course you have Everyone s surely played Barbie Dreamhouse Party official site visit site to read more…

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8 New Shadowverse: Wonderland Dreams Cards

Shadowverse's next expansion - Wonderland Dreams - will be out soon and as the name suggests it's themed around classic fairy tales and fantasy from Red Riding Hood to Alice in Wonderland We wanted to show that the world of Shadowverse isn t just about dark fantasy says Lead Game Designer Naoyuki Miyashita when I ask about the theme We wanted to show that it can also encompass the worlds of fairy tale and myth So with that in mind we took the popular character Alice from our previous game Rage of Bahamut and created a new world around her…

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Black Mesa is dreaming of a Xen Christmas

So committed is third-party Half-Life remake Black Mesa official site to emulation of its much vaunted inspiration that it has now fully embraced ValveTime Black Mesa was first released as a free mod in followed by a spit n polished paid version two years ago but still with the notorious jump n fail alien world section from Half Life s final act missing Plan was to rethink rather than merely remake Xen in a planned act of historical revisionism to make people think Half-Life was brillo all the way through Note Half-Life was brillo all the way through Last Autumn…

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Here's Every Shadowverse: Wonderland Dreams Card

The fourth Shadowverse expansion - Wonderland Dreams - sees developer Cygames riffing on Alice in Wonderland as well as a number of other popular fables and fairy tales It's shaping up to be a lot of fun with a focus on Neutralcraft - i e decks that revolve around neutral cards and cards that take advantage of or are impacted by neutral cards It's a cool concept as it allows the team to create new deck types for basically every class as opposed to simply building on what has come before If you want to see what the set is…

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Puzzle Puppers is the dog-based puzzle game of your dreams

would solve puzzles with these pups again Continue reading…

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Celebrate July 4 with American Dream VR's funny new trailer

Satirical take on America's relationship with guns Continue reading…

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Star Fox 2 release a dream come true for game’s creator

I still don t quite believe it Continue reading…

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Dream Daddy is currently a delayed daddy

I only found out about the dad dating sim Dream Daddy official site a few weeks ago when a friend brought it to my attention as we paddled in the freezing sea and toasted a wedding Look that is just how we roll do not question my lifestyle choices ANYWAY The point of Dream Daddy is that you are a dad romancing other hot dads So far so why haven t we written about its existence on RPS yet Well the news of the game s necessary release delay means that at least I now have an excuse to write…

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Dream Daddy Simulator’s last-minute delay causes a stir

A reminder that game development doesn t always go smoothly Continue reading…

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Dad dating sim Dream Daddy is out now

THERE ARE HOT SINGLE DADS IN YOUR AREA JUST BEGGING FOR A DATE No seriously there are Dream Daddy official site is out now and you re a dad trying to date other hot dads It s got a branching narrative multiple endings and a total of seven date-able dads And with all those dad comes lots of dad jokes naturally which I m always in favour of Are you ready Hi ready I m Dad and punnage galore And havarti look it up more…

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Dreamfall Chapters fancied up with The Final Cut

The saga of The Longest Journey is now well and truly over now that the adventure series s final instalment Dreamfall Chapters official site has received a Final Cut This free update brings Dreamfall Chapters PC into line with the console versions which were released later and fancier Features of The Final Cut include improved graphics and sound performance boosts bug fixes and neat bonuses like playable deleted scenes more…

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Dream Daddy: There’s a new daddy in town…

Look I m good at romance dating sims I m good at seeing the things it wants me to do in order to get the rewards of the heart or the uh lower regions I think a lot of people are because the games tend to hinge around you gaming the NPCs to reap some kind of reward You take the character who likes animals on a date to the zoo You wear a leather jacket to meet the rebel You switch up your seduction or entire personality to tick person after person off your list I m a mercenary…

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Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator

Dream Daddy A Dad Dating Simulator is a game where you play as a Dad and your goal is to meet and romance other hot Dads Are you ready Hi ready I'm Dad Publisher Game Grumps Release Date Jul…

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Podcast: The Electronic Wireless Show talks Pyre, Dream Daddy, and horror

What s that unsettling white noise coming from the other room Oh no it s the th episode of the RPS podcast the Electronic Wireless Show This week the gang are talking about horror in games but not necessarily horror games Adam and Brendan are terrified by the depths of Subnautica which doesn t frighten Pip in the slightest But we also like playing non-scary things Brendan has been competing in the purgatorial fantasy sport of Pyre and Adam has been catching fish and watching tranquil sunsets in Yonder The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Meanwhile Pip has been dating dads in…

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Epitasis offers a lovely dreamy alien puzzler demo

Today I ve been trying to find and push some games with demos because demos are a dying art or at least a shrinking art because of Steam refunds and the like so let s look at Epitasis official site Epitasis has a demo to support a Kickstarter campaign which is running until August The game itself looks to be a non-linear dreamy puzzler with influences like Myst and Talos Principle In his email the developer Lucas Govatos mentioned that people sometimes compare it to No Man s Sky and I think that would be because of the setting all…

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Hidden Dreams free DLC now in Hollow Knight

When I first played Sunless Sea I didn t click with it then the Zubmariner expansion DLC came out and I was hooked for weeks When I first played the arthropoddy Metroidvania-with-hints-of-Dark-Souls Hollow Knight official site I didn t manage to click with it but chatting with friends who adore it once it gets going and seeing that its first free DLC Hidden Dreams is out I m thinking I ll try it again and hope for a Zubmariner-type revelation Hidden Dreams is the first of three free content packs for the game so it sounds like there s a…

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Dream Daddy review

This silly dating sim has more heart than you might think Continue reading…

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Take a look at gun satire game The American Dream

VR shooter takes issue with firearms fetish Continue reading…

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trailers & gameplays

Dreams: New PS4 Gameplay - We build Delsin with MediaMolecule!

Dreams - PS4 - 20 Minutes of Gameplay From PlayStation Experience

Dream Gameplay (PC HD)

Dream Gameplay | Part 1 - Lucid Dreaming Based Exploration Game (Steam Early Access)

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