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Comments and reviews

Have been wanting this forever!

fatcatfuller June 11, 2015

its look prety good

sterleking1 November 07, 2014

I didn't hear very good things about this and the subreddit keeps blowing up but here's hoping for a better future!

Junebug October 24, 2014

The best of all shooters!

em4pixeleen October 06, 2014
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Destiny is a new IP from the creators of the Halo series and is a shooter game in first person, with lots of action and adventure , where you can create and evolve your character to finish turning it into a legend for humanity , as our main mission is to save it from extinction. The plot centers on a world , namely the Earth, which changed with the arrival of an alien planet in our atmosphere , which received the name of the traveler ; and marked the beginning of a golden age in which our civilization spread throughout the solar system, but not for long. Wars are spread across the globe and the survivors built a city under the Traveller and began to explore the old worlds , but discovered that they were full of threats to our race. In this new IP , players will embody the role of a Guardian and we must safe last city on Earth , with access to an incredible power . We must defend the last human city and defeat our enemies. Destiny gives us a new world, in which we will embark on an epic adventure full of action and a rich history of cinematic cut. Unravel the mysteries of our universe and everything gets lost after the collapse of the Golden Age of mankind. Will have cooperative and competitive multiplayer modes , combined with public and social activities. In addition , we can customize and improve every aspect of our appearance , and fight with an almost unlimited combination of armor, weapons and visual changes . The character that we improve , we can use it in all available modes , including campaign solo mode, cooperative , social, public and competitive multiplayer .

news & articles


Join IGN live on May th at am PT pm ET pm BST pm AEDT as we watch and analyze the very first full Destiny gameplay reveal right here Of course you can also watch on our Twitch or YouTube channel The stream will begin with us discussing everything we know about Destiny and what we would like to see in the sequel Bungie's full presentation here on IGN Immediately after the debut you can watch as we comb through the tiny details and react to the big reveal Feel free to help by tweeting at us IGN or FireteamChat…

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Destiny 2 will be shown off tomorrow in livestream

All right destinerds settle down Since its unsurprising reveal trailer we ve known that the sci-fi FPS is set for the PC But what manner of manshoots are thou Destiny Bungie are answering that question tomorrow with a demonstration of the game broadcast live into your eyeballs from some airplane hangar in California It s happening at pm BST am PDT pm EDT and you can watch it on their official website or from their Twitch stream visit site to read more…

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Destiny 2 Multiplayer Details Revealed

During today's Destiny livestream event Bungie shared several new multiplayer details about the sequel to its popular shared-world shooter Destiny 's competitive multiplayer the Crucible will be v across all game modes Additionally players will have a new HUD that displays information about their opponents including whether their super is ready and if they've picked up power ammo The Crucible will feature new maps and modes One new mode dubbed Countdown brings the first ever attack defend mode to the franchise Bungie also announced that official clan support is coming in Destiny These optional teams will provide a way to…

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Destiny 2: Cinematic Trailer

At its May Destiny reveal event Bungie showcased a cinematic trailer for the much-anticipated sequel The trailer featured VO from Zavala played by Lance Reddick Lost The Wire The history piece showcased the birth of The Last City which is humanities final bastion on Earth What once started as a sprinkling of huts in the wilderness soon grew into a town before eventually becoming the industrious city that Destiny players are familiar with Destiny is coming to PlayStation Xbox One and PC on September For more single-player details check out our breakdown of everything Bungie revealed at the event Continue…

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Destiny 2: New Single Player, Gameplay Details Revealed

Major Destiny single player and gameplay details were revealed during Bungie's live stream earlier today including confirmation of a story mission set within The Last City Destiny begins with a mission called Homecoming set during the invasion of The Last City lead by Cabal Red Legion commander Dominus Ghaul Ghaul who Bungie community manager Luke Smith compares to Hans Gruber from Die Hard believes the Red Legion should have been the Traveler's Light He believes in a better class of Guardian During the invasion Ghaul cages the Traveler which causes all the Guardians to lose their Light Watch the opening…

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Watch Destiny 2’s gameplay livestream here at 6pm BST

The livestream offering up the gameplay premiere of Bungie sci-fi FPS sequel Destiny official site is happening later today I keep closing the tab I was going to watch it on To save me and you the faff of finding it YET AGAIN I m going to plonk it here on the RPS homepage and pass it off as a service to people who aren t me The livestreaming will be happening at pm here in the UK which is am Pacific and pm Eastern No idea what time it would be if you re a wizard who came from…

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Destiny 2 is getting in-game clan support, “guided games” feature

No more dealing with a web browser Continue reading…

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Destiny 2: Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer

At the official reveal event Bungie dropped the first Destiny gameplay trailer The dramatic footage showcased the invasion of The Last City lead by Cabal Red Legion commander Dominus Ghaul and featured notable characters Cayde- Ikora and Zavala It also highlights new weapons locations and Supers Destiny is coming to PlayStation Xbox One and PC on September For more single-player details check out our breakdown of everything Bungie revealed at the event Bungie also revealed multiplayer details and Battle net exclusivity for the PC version of the game Continue reading…

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Destiny 2: "New Worlds" Developer Interview

During Bungie s gameplay reveal presentation of Destiny project lead Mark Noseworthy introduced four new zones which Guardians will visit and explore in the game the European Deadzone Titan Nessus and Io These new zones will offer brand new mechanics activities and enemies for Guardians to master And for more check out brand new Destiny screenshots of PvP and new environments Destiny is coming to PlayStation Xbox One and PC on September For more single-player details check out our breakdown of everything Bungie revealed at the event Bungie also revealed multiplayer details and Battle net exclusivity for the PC version…

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7 Minutes of Destiny 2: First Gameplay of Homecoming

Bungie revealed the first gameplay of Destiny during a livestream event in Los Angeles highlighting a mission called Homecoming The seven minute demo shows the Tower in total ruin as Guardians struggle to defend the last city from the brutal enemies known as the Cabal New grenade types cooldowns and super abilities are introduced and shown off in the action-packed demo Destiny is coming to PlayStation Xbox One and PC on September For more single-player details check out our breakdown of everything Bungie revealed at the event Bungie also revealed multiplayer details and Battle net exclusivity for the PC version…

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Destiny 2 PC Available Exclusively Through

During Bungie's Destiny gameplay reveal live stream Activision announced a partnership with Blizzard that will make Destiny available digitally on PC exclusively through Blizzard's Battle net service While the PC version will still be available physically in stores the digital version of the sequel will not be available on any other online retailers It is the first third-party non-Blizzard game to be available on the service Activision and Blizzard are of course both subsidiaries under the Activision-Blizzard corporation As Destiny fans we were excited to learn that the sequel was coming to PC said Mike Morhaime CEO and cofounder of…

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Destiny 2’s new trailer, plus everything we know so far

Bungie s live show of dancing lights and bullets has ended so let s look at what we ve learned about Destiny official site Story-wise the Guardians have been ousted from their comfortable penthouse suite by a surprise attack and are scattered across the solar system having lost all their powers On top of that the giant Christmas tree decoration they call the Traveler has been stolen It s your job to get the band back together You ve got some new character powers multiplayer modes and the ability to join clans You ll also be touching down on new…

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Destiny 2 on PC might trail behind the console versions

But it will support K and uncapped framerate when it comes to PC Continue reading…

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Destiny 2 brings you to Earth and three new worlds

Go across the universe Continue reading…

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Destiny 2 is coming to Blizzard’s

The PC version will be exclusive to Blizzard s platform Continue reading…

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Destiny 2 Hands-On Impressions From a Lapsed Player

I think Destiny just might win me back See I m a lapsed Destiny player I enjoyed a lot about the first game -- the gunplay the universe and the loot -- but I bailed out after the campaign storyline concluded because I had no interest in grinding for another dozen-plus hours in order to even be eligible to participate in what is widely regarded as Destiny s best content the Raids Thus I didn t come into today s toasty Destiny gameplay reveal event pre-hyped catch up on the many Destiny trailers videos headlines and more right here I…

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Destiny 2: All Gameplay, News, Trailers

Bungie's sequel Destiny will be released for PlayStation Xbox One and PC on September Bringing Guardians back to the Activision franchise after its initial release in Destiny will introduce new worlds gameplay modes and a brand new campaign Since its reveal in March Bungie has provided a first look at campaign and multiplayer gameplay special editions and much more Read on for a complete and ongoing history of all the reveals from Destiny which is now available for pre-order During a May livestream event Bungie showcased the first ever Destiny gameplay including an extended look at the story mission Homecoming…

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Destiny 2 on PC Supports 4K Resolution

Bungie has detailed the added benefits for those who play Destiny on PC In addition to K resolution support the PC version will include the ability to play with an uncapped framerate and feature support for monitors with a display Destiny on PC will also feature full mouse and keyboard support complete with custom key mapping and text chat Additionally the PC version which will be available exclusively through Battle net will have a detailed settings screen as well as an adjustable field of view Continue reading…

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'No Plans' for Destiny 2 on Nintendo Switch

Destiny may have made the jump to PC but it's unlikely to complete the platform quartet with a Nintendo Switch version Speaking to IGN at Destiny 's gameplay reveal event project lead Mark Noseworthy initially said that Bungie has no announcements to make about the Switch at this time When asked if that meant the franchise could embrace Switch in some way in the future Noseworthy added I think it's pretty unrealistic given we're an online-only game right The Switch because it's a portable - and I love my Switch I've got Breath of the Wild here I've got it…

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Destiny 2 PC Version Release Date May Be Later Than Console

The newly-announced PC version of Destiny has no confirmed release date and may arrive after the PS and Xbox One versions have launched on September The game's FAQ page on Battle net is a little hazy on a release date reading Bungie is actively working through the global details We look forward to sharing additional information later this year When asked by PC Gamer to clarify a date game director Luke Smith said We haven t committed to a PC date yet At Bungie we are totally committed to making the PC build as great as we can Continue reading…

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Destiny 2’s PC release might come later than console

Though Destiny official site is indeed coming to PC after the first game skipped us our version might come a little later than the September th release date Bungie have been shouting out That s only the console date Bungie have said and the PC date is yet unconfirmed Which I suppose means that it could be the same or it could not Either way Bungie say they want their online sci-fi FPS to be good on PC so they ll release it when it is visit site to read more…

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I played Destiny 2 on PC, and now I don’t want to go back

Uncapped frame rate mouse aiming make all the difference Continue reading…

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Destiny 2: PS4 Pro "Couldn't Run" Game at 60fps

Destiny will run at a K resolution on PS Pro but will be locked to frames per second because of CPU constraints Speaking to IGN game director Luke Smith confirmed that it will not run at on the Pro I don't want people to continue to hope we're going to be matter-of-fact about that stuff The PS Pro is super-powerful but it couldn't run our game at he added Our game's this rich physics simulation with collision and players networking etc It wouldn't run - not enough horsepower there yet Project lead Mark Noseworthy explained that while the GPU was…

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Destiny 2 won’t have dedicated servers (update)

It is a complicated typology Continue reading…

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Destiny 2 will open up high-level raids to everyone, here’s how

Bungie s new guided games system matches solo players with highly-skilled clans Continue reading…

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Destiny 2 Won't Use Dedicated Servers

Unlike its predecessor Destiny will launch on PC as well as consoles but there is one thing both versions of the game will continue to have in common no dedicated servers In an interview with IGN game director Luke Smith stated that dedicated servers were just not an investment that we made for Destiny Instead Destiny will continue using peer-to-peer networking to power multiplayer matches which could be bad news for PC players who are used to the stability of dedicated servers Smith explained The smaller team format although it's one bigger in the Trials case but the smaller team…

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Destiny 2 Trials Coming 'Way Before' Osiris-themed DLC

Destiny will feature a Trials-like experience soon after the game's launch Speaking to IGN game director Luke Smith said I can't imagine shipping Destiny and not having a Trials-like experience there very soon Project lead Mark Noseworthy chimed in to give a hint as to just how soon saying like launch-window When asked if Trials will arrive before the release of Osiris-themed DLC Noseworthy said fans can expect it way before that That said Noseworthy remained tight-lipped on specifics adding we've got some cool stuff planned for Trials that we're going to unveil later this year so we don't want…

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Destiny 2: what new players need to know

I m now fully caught up on the Destiny official site presentation and am wading through the first hands-on footage people are feeding out as videos The game has a hard release date of September on console and a smidge of pre-order beta before that but PC is still a bit of an unknown It ll still happen but the exact details are still lurking in the realms of dunno BUT That gives us some breathing room to get you the wide-eyed PC player up to speed There s also plenty in the info we now have that excites me…

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Destiny 2: What we know

Get caught up Guardian Continue reading…

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Why can't Destiny 2 run at 60fps on PS4 Pro?

Bungie has confirmed that Destiny will offer full PlayStation Pro support but some users have voiced concerns that the developer has chosen to target K display support instead of fps gameplay The thinking is straightforward enough - ultra HD offers prettier visuals of course but smoother gameplay offers lower latency and a higher level of precision response This is exactly why franchise FPS titles like Battlefield and Halo transitioned across to frames per second So why not Destiny too In the wake of the reveal event Bungie's Luke Smith and Mark Noseworthy sat down with IGN and the topic arose…

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World of Warcraft Gold Can Be Used to Buy Destiny 2

Activision has announced that Destiny will be available on PC exclusively from the Blizzard Launcher which likely means you'll be able to buy it using World of Warcraft Tokens Back in February the rules were changed on WoW Tokens which could only previously be redeemed using in-game gold for extra subscription time Now they can be used in exchange for Blizzard Launcher formerly the Battle net app credit According to Kotaku the price of WoW Tokens has spiked since the reveal of Destiny and the announcement that it would be available through Blizzard's store on PC Currently people are using…

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Destiny 2: Don’t Fear The Grimoire Reaper

Destiny is calllinnnnnnng meeeeeeeee sang Brandon Boyer of early s hit group The Thrills Open up my eeeeeeeeeager eyesssssssssss cause I m ready to read more grimoire cardssssssss Well I have some bad news for you Brandon Destiny official site is doing away with grimoire cards in favour of sticking the lore in the game and not e g in a completely separate app on my telephone visit site to read more…

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Destiny 2 Drops Divisive Grimoire Cards

Destiny is doing away with Grimoire Cards the in-game collectibles that provided a deeper look into the lore of Destiny's universe Many players found the cards problematic as they weren't accessible in game they could only be accessed through Bungie's website or the Destiny companion app As a response to this problem Bungie is doing away with the cards all together opting to put the lore in the game itself We want people to be able to find the lore Bungie World Lead Steve Cotton told Forbes All the story is told through the Adventures it's told through the characters…

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Destiny 2 won’t use Grimoire cards

The story will actually be in the game Continue reading…

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trailers & gameplays

Destiny 2 Strike: Inverted Spire - 25 Minutes of Exclusive Gunslinger Hunter Gameplay

Destiny 2 Gameplay Premiere

Destiny 2 - Official Gameplay Reveal Trailer


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