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It is a key that will allow you to download the game Destiny on your PS4 from official download platforms.

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As of Monday 27/05/2024, in United States, the best price we have found in our selection of online stores that include the key for Destiny on PS4 is $10.31.Check out our recommendations!

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Destiny is a new game, based on a new universe of the creators of the Halo series, and is a first person shooter , or FPS, with lots of action and shots where we face enemies in a relentless struggle for the fate of humanity, and that our primary mission is to save it from extinction. Destiny 's story revolves around a world , namely the Earth, which changed with the arrival of an alien planet in our atmosphere , which received the name of the traveler . Since the arrival of this strange thing , humanity experiment unparalleled growth , a golden age in which our civilization spread throughout the solar system, but not for long. Wars are spread across the globe and the survivors built a city under the Traveller and began to explore the old worlds , but discovered that they were full of threats to our race. In this strange universe , players will embody the role of a guardian, wich mission is the defense of the last city on Earth . We will embark on an epic adventure full of action and a rich history of cinematic cut , which will reveal the mysteries of our universe and try to lead the remnants of humanity into a new golden age, trying to recover everything we lost after collapse of mankind . The game will also enjoy cooperative and competitive multiplayer, combined with public and social activities. Customization of our soldier will also be a highlight as it will have a huge arsenal with which to equip it. A whole new experience which is scheduled in 2014 .

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What do our users think of Destiny for PS4?

5/5 (137 Comments in all languages)


Feros Gaming
2015-09-26 21:58:11

great game


2014-12-16 01:26:25

God Game interisting


2014-11-17 00:18:11

great game so far


2014-11-13 15:27:32

I want to play it so bad!


2014-10-18 18:08:46

excelente MMORPG, esperando disparar esas armas :D


2014-10-18 15:53:54

It's a cool game


2014-10-17 02:08:51

Haven't heard good things about this but hopefully it'll get better. Hoping to try it out sometime. Some of the armor reminds me of Mass Effect though...


2014-10-15 21:46:51

looks great need to check it out


2014-10-15 13:45:12

A new Halo probably.


2014-10-13 20:50:25

New and amazing MMORPG and its with GUNS!


2014-10-13 17:48:49

Juegazo impresionante. A mi me tiene enganchado desde el primer día q probé su alfa, el juego cayo el día de salida y hasta hoy no he dejado de jugarlo.


2014-10-12 01:13:29

looks like very beautiful game with wonderful story


2014-10-12 00:58:05

looks wonderful like halo universe


2014-10-08 15:40:09

nice awesome ever


2014-10-08 10:14:53

Hopefully they update with new content soon


2014-10-08 03:02:13

Cool game! Barely waiting to play it...


2014-10-06 17:47:34

Story is pretty simple, though the multiplayer is solid and fun. 7/10


2014-10-06 11:13:39

Very good game, i have been waiting for it so long


2014-10-06 09:42:10

Best shooting game of the year :)


2014-10-05 18:10:31

Seems very cool. I like that the game is so open world.


2014-10-04 17:12:09

I love Destiny


2014-10-03 23:12:45

I want this game


2014-10-03 13:37:17

This is the excellency and the current top game to play in multiplayer =D Would love to have this awesome game with amazing visuals and amazing gameplay to play with them.


2014-10-03 13:35:18

I love this game!! GOTY


2014-10-03 13:00:54

Destiny is a top notch game in its category, love all especially the graphics, they're a phenomenon and would love to play it :)


2014-10-03 12:41:32

my brother has it, got some hot recommendation


2014-10-03 04:00:00

No matter the reviews I've read and the videos I saw, Destiny is an awesome game and I would love picking it up like my friends as well so we could play together =)


2014-10-02 20:18:33

Wow. The game's graphic's is amazing!!!! Can't wait to play it.


2014-10-02 19:33:46

Very impressive game ! The trailers i saw make it for me a winner in all areas : story, design, mechanics !


2014-10-02 17:31:00

Played the beta, getting the game ASAP


2014-10-02 15:26:24

I played the beta


2014-10-01 04:37:32

Destiny!!!!! *-*!


2014-09-27 19:55:28

i love this gameeeee !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDD

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