What should you know before buying Sons Of The Forest?

2024-02-02 11:15:45 | Written by Alfred

What can we find in Sons Of The Forest?

The final version is arriving in just over 20 days!

It has been quite a while since this video game was released in its Early Access version with overwhelming success. Now, almost a year later, the release date of its final version is approaching, scheduled for February 22. It is the best time to recap and look back at everything this game has to offer.

It is the sequel to the horror game The Forest and serves as a mix of survival and horror in an open-world set on a peninsula inhabited by a mysterious tribe of cannibals. Although many other horrors are hidden among the trees. With the final version, we will be able to find answers to the end of the story and many other mysteries that we could only speculate about.

Despite being an Early Access, the game has surprised everyone with high-quality graphics, but with performance that left much to be desired. However, these "flaws" in the game have provided us with the craziest moments of gameplay, like the interactions of the NPC that follows us everywhere and flooded the internet with memes. Much potential that, after a year of polishing details, promises to offer an impressive visual experience.

Its open world is unsettling, with locations and mysterious elements that will keep your interest at every meter of territory you explore. This makes exploration not feel burdensome or repetitive, although the enemies we may encounter still have room for improvement. In the survival aspect, the game becomes very interesting; the collection, crafting, and construction system is slow but highly addictive, as it doesn't mean you lose a huge amount of hours to reach your goals.

In summary, a very lively open world, full of surprises and immersive. The mystery and its story will keep us hooked to its terrifying universe. Its gameplay works very well and is perfectly balanced to keep your interest at all times. Our recommendation is that, if you haven't played it yet, is the time to buy it and enjoy its complete final version that arrives in a few days.


How can I buy Sons Of The Forest at the cheapest price?

Our recommendation is to have a bit of patience!

The cheapest offer we have registered at the moment is from the Kinguin store, which offers the game in Steam Account format for a price of 8,03€. If this format does not convince you, you also have the offer of the K4G store that offers a Steam Gift for 28,89€, or the offer of CJS in Steam Key format for 29,90€.

If we take into account the cheapest price, the discount is 62% off the historical minimum price. But in our experience, the discount could be better. All this, added to the fact that in just half a month the full game is released, makes us recommend patience. If you wait a few days, you might get a cheaper price.


What format is the best to buy Sons Of The Forest on PC?

The Steam Key format is the most popular!

The account format offers a much larger discount than the rest (in this case, over 60%) and sells you a Steam account with the game already unlocked. But we only recommend buying it if you have previous experience purchasing games in this format, as it requires following the store's steps to obtain your game and can be more laborious.

Our personal recommendation is that the Steam Key format is preferable over the rest, as these digital keys are redeemed directly from the official store and add the game directly to your personal library. If you don't mind paying a little more than with the account format, this is the quickest and easiest option.