Steam gift cards. Information, prices and usefulness!

2019-04-16 18:41:51 | Written by Alfred

What are Steam Wallet Cards or Gift Cards?

Something very coveted nowadays, especially among gamers, is the possibility to increase our funds or our wallet on the Steam platform. This digital games platform offers this possibility, because if we do not have a credit card or any other way to pay on this platform, we can always increase our balance in the account and pay with it.

Another feature of the Steam gift cards is when making a gift to a friend or family member, since as soon as you activate it, you will receive that amount in the form of internal money for this digital gaming platform.

What can I buy with Steam Wallet cards?

Then we can buy any game on the platform, no more and no less. Games of any kind and of any genre that is for sale in Steam. That is to say, access to a practically infinite catalogue of games.

Why buy Steam Gift Cards?

It is one of the questions we all ask ourselves when we see this type of cards. Why should I buy a Steam card valued at 50€ if it costs me 50€ in Steam? Simply because there are a lot of offers and shops that sell these cards and with the help of some discount Gocdkeys, you can get the same amount, 50 € for example, for a lower price, saving you a few euros that eventually become noticeable.

When you buy one of these cards in a store other than Steam, we will get a code whose activation is very simple and is done like any game of Steam. Let's go to our "Games Library" and at the bottom, in "Add code" we enter the key of the Steam card we have purchased.

Gocdkeys recommendation: Steam cards are very useful when there are discounts. Due to the amount of shops that sell this type of gift cards, there are always very good offers, being able to buy balance valued at 50€ for about 46€ and even less, which is quite profitable. 

Disadvantages of this type of gift cards

We have already mentioned that they are very useful when giving a gift to any friend or family member, but there is one very important factor to bear in mind, and that is that Steam cards have a regional block, that is to say, each region has its own type of cards.

For example, if we buy a card for the region of Europe, we have to be in that region, or rather, our account has to be from that region in order to be able to exchange it. 

Steam has a section where you can find all the information about it

Best prices and offers for Steam Gift Cards

Let's talk about what's really important and try to get the most out of these cards, because by taking advantage of the offers and the low prices of the stores, we can get a Steam balance at a lower price than the amount we will get in balance.

Important: It can be messy since there are cards of region Europe in dollars, others in global region in euros and dollars, others in dollars only for a certain country,...... READ THE INFORMATION IN EACH STORE BEFORE BUYING IT.

This will be better understood by looking at current prices:


Right now, we have Steam gift cards worth 20€ at a price of 16.49€, almost 4€ savings. Another example is the 50€ Steam cards that currently have a price around 44€, so we save 6€.

Although we have only put the 50€ and 20€ cards, there are also cards worth 10€ and 100€. We leave a link with all the balance cards for Steam that we have listed in Gocdkeys 


Very important: From Gocdkeys we compare prices of all these types of cards, but before buying any of them, make sure it is from your region and also check the currency in which you buy and look at the information in each store.