2021-03-30 16:19:18 | Written by Alfred

Downloading PlayStation games, in cd key or digital code format, is very simple and after a few simple steps you will be able to activate your games digitally for PSN.

1-Log in to your PlayStation Network account.
2-Select "PlayStation Store".
3-Select "Redeem codes" at the bottom of the menu.
4-Enter the code and click "Continue".
5-Once the code is entered, you will see confirmation that it has been entered correctly, along with a list of the games that the code has provided.


And you're ready to play!

The Game Account Format is a bit trickier, but if you follow the steps below you should have no complications.

IMPORTANT: Each store may offer different methods of account activation, so pay attention to each store on how to activate it, as this guide is merely indicative. Also, this format is only guaranteed if the game is in English, although it can also be in other languages.

The account format is how the game is delivered. I'm sure you've heard of game sharing, it's a way to buy a game on one account and share the game license to another console, that's exactly what the account format is known as.


Games that are delivered through the account format will be delivered instantly. Right after the purchase, you will receive an email with some necessary credentials with instructions. Many of the stores listed on Gocdkeys have live chat for any questions you may have.

The installation takes a maximum of 5 minutes, and is carried out as follows:

- You receive the account credentials (users and pass) along with very simple instructions.


- You connect to the account, set it as your main account, and go to the download panel.


- Download the game(s) you have paid for, start the download and return to your own profile.


- Wait for the download and installation to finish.

- Then log in to your main account and play the game you have purchased from your own profile.

Important: Remember that both the activation and the content of this type of formats may vary depending on the store, and Gocdkeys is not responsible for any problems that may occur. Do not forget also that this guide is merely indicative, you should pay attention to all the steps provided by the store where you buy the game.