Everything You Need to Know Before Buying: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero

2024-02-19 11:39:04 | Written by Alfred

What does Pokémon: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero include?

Get ready to receive a lot of additional content!

"The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero" is an expansion pass that includes all additional content that will be released in the months following the official launch of the video game on Nintendo Switch. This includes two expansions and several exclusive contents: "The Turquoise Mask DLC," "The Indigo Disk DLC," 250 classic playable Pokémon, and 4 exclusive uniforms, each themed after one of the seasons (Winter, Autumn, Summer, and Spring).


Can I buy the expansions separately?

Unfortunately, it's not possible!

All additional content can only be unlocked together by purchasing the expansion pass for "The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero," which is priced at €23.51 in eShop Code format at the Driffle store.

Additionally, it's worth noting that the release date for all pass content is already available, so you'll receive everything automatically as soon as you buy your Nintendo Switch key. But remember that the base game Pokémon Violet/Scarlet is not included with this pass, as you must buy it separately.


How can I buy Pokémon: The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero at the best price?

The eShop Code format is the cheapest!

As it is a DLC, there are no physical versions of this product, so the cheapest option to buy the game in digital version is the eShop Code. This key is composed of numbers and letters and serves to redeem your game in the official Nintendo Switch store.

In the case of this DLC, we have several recommendations so you can buy The Hidden Treasure of Area Zero cheaper than it would cost to buy it at the official Nintendo price (€59.99). The cheapest option is Driffle's eShop Code for €23.51. But if you're not convinced, you can also opt for the eShop Code offers from Gamivo stores for €25.41 or the well-known Eneba store for €25.90.

All these offers guarantee you an approximate discount of more than 50% off the official price, but they have a downside, as they can only be redeemed by players located in Europe. If you don't belong to this region, you can wait a bit and new global Nintendo Switch codes will appear that do not have a regional lock.