EA Sports FC 24 continues to drop in price

2024-03-20 14:28:52 | Written by Alfred

One of the most beloved and iconic video game franchises in industry history is FIFA, recognized as one of the most prominent football simulators of all time, competing head-to-head with the equally charismatic Pro Evolution Soccer series. It has always been an eternal struggle, with PES and FIFA supporters constantly debating the virtues of each franchise, but it is true that this FIFA 2024 or EA FC 24 has completely overshadowed PES.

It hit the market at the end of last September, and against all expectations, despite selling millions of copies, it is experiencing a marked decline in price, especially for next-generation consoles.

So much so that the key for EA Sports FC 24 for PC is available from €13.99, for PS5 it is available from €11.45, as well as for PS4. But for Xbox, prices as low as €9.95 have been seen, considering typical Xbox Live Keys or accounts.

In summary, for just €15, we can get the most updated edition of the legendary FIFA, which reaches its lowest price to date for all consoles, except for the Nintendo Switch, which still maintains a price range of between €30-35.

As mentioned earlier, we are facing the best football title available today, perfect for spending hours and hours enjoying our favorite sport, whether alone or with friends. Additionally, the Ultimate Team mode is once again present, this time with the inclusion of women's football as the main novelty. Licenses for players, stadiums, teams, and leagues from around the world keep us glued to the screens for hours on end.