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The legendary Space Hulk board game returns to your PC in this epic strategy game. Set in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, where there is only war, will be the protagonists of an intriguing history and heroic actions. Play with a small squad of Space Marine Terminators must investigate and recover an abandoned ship infested by Tyranides. Take control of the Adeptus Astartes Chapter of the Blood Angels and lead them to glory, while battling fierce Xenos and discover ancient relics in the confines of the universe.

Comments and reviews

I have been a 40K fan for many, many years. Have played the games (video & table top) in all it's variations, and I had high hopes for this one. So far, not let down one bit.

The game plays like I wanted it to (table top rules), is fleshed out just right, and requires you to really stop, think, and plan. It is pretty unforgiving to mistakes, and that is just fine with me.

Great game...10/10

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news & articles

Space Hulk: Tactics docking in October

When I say Space you say Hulk SPACE HULK SPACE HULK When I say is due out October th publishers Focus Home announced today you say What s this one about Space HULK Tactics is due out October th publishers Focus Home announced today What s this one about This latest adaptation of the venerated Games Workshop tabletop wargame does that same ol top-down turn-based tactical thing only this time with the twist of special power-up cards You can catch fleeting glimpses of this Space Marine vs Tyranid action in a new trailer below more…

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Has Space Hulk: Deathwing been improved by its updates?

Update Night is a fortnightly column in which Rich McCormick revisits games to find out whether they ve been changed for better or worse Bolters are the standard-issue weapons of Warhammer s Space Marines and they fire bolts But they re not just bolts not really As befitting the grim darkness of K s far future the bullets that Space Marines fire are individual rocket-propelled grenades each backloaded with enough fuel to force them through ceramite armor and frontloaded with enough explosive to shred the soft meat hidden inside that armour more…

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Space Hulk: Deathwing

Space Hulk Deathwing is a First-Person Shooter experience based on Games Workshop's classic Space Hulk boardgame set in the universe of Warhammer Space Hulk Deathwing was developed on Unreal Engine and offers you and up to three of your friends the chance to experience a desperate battle against Genestealers in the claustrophobic tunnels of a Space Hulk You also gain skills new abilities and new equipment as you earn experience during missions Space Hulks drift along the currents of the Warp the immaterial dimension of Chaos Made up of gigantic mangled asteroids ship wrecks and other stellar debris they can…

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Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition is out now

Space Hulk Deathwing must have been a dream project for little French indie studio Streum On creators of the endearingly janky E Y E Divine Cybermancy As a team they d started their careers with making Warhammer -themed mods so having the official key to the kingdom must have felt like a miracle but with a famous license and a higher budget comes higher expectations While undoubtedly more polished than E Y E Deathwing still felt like a low-budget game with a high-budget facade After an additional year and a half of development and launching alongside the PS version of…

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Space Hulk: Deathwing becomes Enhanced in May

Polish your crotchskull and prepare to demonstrate renewed devotion to the Emperor as Space Hulk Deathwing will officially become the Enhanced Edition on May nd This is the last in a series of free updates intended to expand and improve the squad-based FPS which had the looks of Warhammer K but didn t have the touch It was too janky and just too thin which is a shame because it has such lovely Gothic spaceships and such big crotchskulls Fingers crossed this update can find that magic Not that I believe in magic that would be heresy Ah yes I…

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Space Hulk: Tactics promises a fresh spin on a classic

Cyanide are a strange little studio The French outfit was originally brought on by Focus to develop Blood Bowl after their own imitation Chaos League caught on to some small success across Europe Ever since they ve carved out a niche developing both Games Workshop properties and a few of their own such as the Styx series Their next project is something near and dear to my heart After a few ropey adaptations from other studios Cyanide are trying their hand at adapting board game classic Space Hulk to the PC plus an extra little twist of their own more…

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trailers & gameplays

Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition Gameplay (PS4 HD)

Space Hulk: Deathwing - Enhanced Edition - #1 - Let's Play mit deutschem Gameplay

Let's Play Space Hulk: Deathwing Enhanced Edition: Special Mission #1

Space Hulk Deathwing Gameplay Walkthrough Part 1 FULL GAME (1080p) - No Commentary