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You will find a price comparison in different stores of the standard edition for Nintendo Switch of the video game Sea of Stars in digital and physical format to make it easier for you to find the cheapest price or the best offer. The digital version can be in Key format or in Account format. We will indicate the type of format next to the price, but remember to consult the store for the process to redeem your product, since the Account Format may require more steps than an eShop Code.

REASONS TO BUY Sea of Stars FOR Nintendo Switch

1- If you are looking for a change of pace in your adventures, Sea of Stars offers various activities to enjoy in its world.

2- You will be able to sail, cook, fish, listen to music in a tavern or even play the infamous "Wheels" board game.

3- Each system has been designed to provide an experience that honors the retro classics, but is also updated in some areas to offer a smooth and modernized experience.

WHAT IS Sea of Stars ABOUT?

- Sea of Stars is a classic RPG that seeks to modernize different aspects of the genre while maintaining a touch of nostalgia and fun. In turn-based combat, you will be able to increase your damage and reduce the damage taken by pressing the action button in sync with the animations. In addition, you will be able to perform combo attacks, impulses and use a strategic blocking system to hinder enemies while executing powerful attacks or spells. All of this is presented immersively, with no random encounters or transitions to separate battlefields.

- Explore the world of Sea of Stars in a fluid way, swimming, climbing, jumping and lifting ledges. The navigation system is based on the experience of platform games, freeing you from the classic movement of tiles on a grid.

- The game features stunning 2D pixel art brought to life by a custom render pipeline, pushing the limits of gaming in this visual style.

- Immerse yourself in a captivating story with dozens of original characters and story arcs. Sea of Stars explores classic themes of adventure and friendship, offering epic, funny and emotional moments, plus unexpected surprises typical of the production of Sabotage.