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Attention: This version of Red Dead Redemption 2 is for PS4 and can be available in digital or physical version. Digital versions may have regional locks, so we recommend that you read the information in each store carefully. The account format simply refers to the way the games are activated, since a user and a pass are sent to access an account that already has that game.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is the second installment of the action game set in the wild, brutal, faraway west of the United States in 1899. An action game with touches of RPG in a huge open world with a high level of graphics.

In this second installment of Rockstar's action western, we will play the role of Morgan, a paid bandit and the right-hand man of Dutch Van der Linde, the leader of the band of Rockstar's robbers, along with those of us who will travel through vast, rugged American territory stealing and fighting for our survival. But one day, what looked like a simple robbery goes wrong and turns out to be worse than expected. Now, federal agents and the nation's best bounty hunters are on our tails, and the time will come when we will have to make a difficult decision that will impact the game's history.

The launch date is scheduled for October 26, 2018, although this date may vary.

Comments and reviews

I think good game but am not exited to play it but I may try the game I think will be good for playing it a bit and do some mission and thus game not for kids


What an absolutely stunning game! The story was a roller coaster the graphics were amazing and the gameplay was fun! My WiFi has been down so haven’t gotten to try the online mode but the story mode is more than worth the money alone


really trying the wheel for a chance to win! want more tickets lol. cool website. very nice. woohoo
keep trying to win its a game of chance


Saw vids on youtube. The game is beautifull and the atmosphere looks so good. the lightning effects and the woods are awesome. The shooting and physicis are at it's best!

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