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Attention: This version of Overwatch Legendary Edition is for PC and is in digital format, which means you will receive a key that you will need to enter into your Blizzard account to start downloading the game.

Overwatch Legendary Edition is the latest and most comprehensive edition of the Blizzard multiplayer shooter, in which you can experience a thrilling battle of one side against the other with a huge number of heroes at your disposal, each with their game mechanics and their advantages and disadvantages, and all accompanied by a visual aspect full of animations and graphics characteristic of the Blizzard universe.

The Legendary edition of Overwatch includes: 5 skins that accompanied the previous edition of the game: Blackwatch Agent Kings, Commander Morrison, Wild Bastion, Pharah Head of Security and Slipstream Pilot Tracer. It also includes 5 epic and 5 legendary designs, such as Hanzo Okami, Ana Alcaudón, McCree Mystery Man, Mercy Valquiria, among others

He will also give us bonuses and extras on other Blizzard games, such as unlocking Tracer in Heroes of the Storm, the Winston Baby Mascot for World of Warcraft, Mercy Wings for Diablo III, as well as Portraits for StarCraft II and a back of Hearthstone cards.