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This is the expected release of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is scheduled for late 2014, and after several years of waiting finally gives fans new adventures in a fantasy world riddled with our favorite characters. Charming, wonderful art direction, a sublime soundtrack and incredible gaming experience are the keys to this anticipated title.

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news & articles

Kingdom Hearts 3 Mini-Games Unveiled

Kingdom Hearts III will feature a few mini-games inspired by s-era LCD games and classic Mickey Mouse animated shorts Square Enix unveiled these Classic Kingdom mini-games in a new trailer which you can view below The footage shows Sora using a handheld device to play four games in particular The Barnyard Battle The Karnival Kid Giantland and Musical Farmer As you can see the mini-games feature an old-school aesthetic similar to classic Nintendo Game and Watch titles There's no word yet on how you unlock or access these mini-games and if there will be more than just the four currently…

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New Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer Shows Off Nostalgic Mini-Game

Square Enix has released a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III showing off Classic Kingdom a Game amp Watch-style mini-game collection The feature was revealed during a fan event where Kingdom Hearts III co-director Tai Yasue said Classic Kingdom is inspired by Disney cartoons and s LCD games In the trailer which you can watch above Sora Donald and Goofy are shown crowding around a portable games console at which point tiny black and white versions of Sora and Mickey must use a platform to climb a construction site and rescue Minnie Mouse from Pete Classic Kingdom seems to be…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 has Game & Watch-style minigames inspired by classic Disney

Square Enix shows off new Classic Kingdom retro games Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailers: Gameplay Secrets and Theories You May Have Missed

We dive deep into the story and gameplay details from KH 's two newest trailers…

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The Polygon Show 37: New Diet Coke and Kingdom Hearts 3

Now with a Diet Coke flavor test Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters, Inc. Trailer: Theories and Gameplay Details You May Have Missed

Square Enix released not one but two new Kingdom Hearts III trailers at D Expo introducing the new Monsters Inc world These trailers are also packed to the brim with new gameplay and story details that are worth exploring so let s dive into the heart of these new glimpses both below and in the video above The main D trailer kicks off with the surprising re-introduction of Marluxia who was leading the charge at Castle Oblivion for Organization XIII Sora battled and defeated the Nobody Marluxia back in Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories but because he Donald and Goofy…

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trailers & gameplays

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 - 15 Minutes of Gameplay Demo (PS4 XBOX ONE) Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailers

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 Toy Story Trailer D23 NEW Gameplay (2017) PS4/Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts 3 E3 2017 Gameplay Demo & Trailers

Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer - E3 2017