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This is the expected release of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is scheduled for late 2014, and after several years of waiting finally gives fans new adventures in a fantasy world riddled with our favorite characters. Charming, wonderful art direction, a sublime soundtrack and incredible gaming experience are the keys to this anticipated title.

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news & articles

Kingdom Hearts 3’s newest movie highlights its second main theme

Hikaru Utada and Skrillex were going to remix the first then decided to do a second Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Release Date, The Current Timeline, And Everything Else We Know

It's been a long time coming but Kingdom Hearts III is almost here Set for a worldwide release on January for PS and Xbox One the next game in the incredibly complicated yet whimsical action-RPG series will conclude the main story with Sora Donald Duck Goofy and other friends as they face off against the evil Organization XIII and the swarming blight known as the Heartless Since its debut the Kingdom Hearts series blended together the exuberance and wonder of a Disney spectacle with the mechanics of an JRPG offering something that really shouldn't have worked as well as it…

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Kingdom Hearts 3: Exclusive Keyblade Pre-Order DLC Coming to Amazon

An exclusive Keyblade is coming for those who preorder Kingdom Hearts III through Amazon Announced through an Amazon Deals Twitch stream The Dawn Till Dusk Keyblade s design is relatively straight forward it uses the same blade seen in the standard Kingdom Key Keyblade though its hilt contains a mix of green and gold featuring symbols of a crescent moon sun and star Any sort of special stats the weapon may hold have not been revealed Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3, Death Stranding Preorders On Sale at Amazon

If you buy something through this post IGN may get a share of the sale For more read our Terms of Use Black Friday is behind us and while Amazon's best Black Friday deals started early many of them have rolled over into Cyber Monday sales We're gathering up all of the best Cyber Monday deals at Amazon and listing them here for your convenience Instead of a one-day sale it looks like Amazon is just extending its Black Friday sales week into an entire Cyber Monday deals week Be sure to check out all the deals for Cyber Monday…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 "Together" Trailer Unites The Whole Disney Cast

Kingdom Hearts has completed development and Square Enix has released a new trailer to mark the occasion While most of the prior trailers have focused primarily on a single cameo like Pooh Bear or Rapunzel this one celebrates the full scope of the Disney mash-up You may see it in cinemas if you go to see a movie in the near future The Together trailer featured above includes characters and settings from Frozen Tangled Toy Story Monsters Inc Big Hero Six Pirates of the Caribbean and Hercules Those join some familiar locales from the history of the series as this…

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trailers & gameplays

18 Minutes of Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts 3 Exclusive Gameplay - IGN Live E3 2018

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 NEW Gameplay Walkthrough Demo PS4 No Commentary (Toy Story) 2018

KINGDOM HEARTS 3 - 29 Minutes of Gameplay So Far (PS4 XBOX ONE) Kingdom Hearts III Gameplay Trailers