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This is the expected release of the Kingdom Hearts series, which is scheduled for late 2014, and after several years of waiting finally gives fans new adventures in a fantasy world riddled with our favorite characters. Charming, wonderful art direction, a sublime soundtrack and incredible gaming experience are the keys to this anticipated title.

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Why We're Hyped to See Kingdom Hearts 3 at E3 2017

It's that time of year again E is just on the horizon From June - we'll be covering the biggest games and hardware announcements of and beyond While you can check out our continually-updated Games of E List we're now going to start diving deeper Every day leading up to the show we'll be highlight the stuff we want to see and play at E Today's game Kingdom Hearts III Kingdom Hearts III footage hasn t debuted since when Square Enix included a look at the sequel alongside this year s Kingdom Hearts HD II Final Chapter Prologue Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Trailer Revealed

Square Enix has debuted a new Kingdom Hearts III trailer following its premiere at the Los Angeles performance of the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour The new trailer offers a look at the sequel's take on the Hercules-inspired level which has been glimpsed in previous trailers and screenshots The trailer also features the return of Maleficent Pete and Hades the former two of which are searching for a box which may connect back to how Kingdom Hearts HD Final Chapter Prologue ties into Kingdom Hearts Continue reading…

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Square Enix drops new Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer

With a teaser for another trailer next month Continue reading…

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PS4's Spider-Man, Battlefront 2, And Kingdom Hearts 3 Set For Big Reveals This Weekend

Disney's big D convention takes place this weekend and there's a good chance it'll be headlined by Star Wars Episode VIII news However it's also shaping up to be a good weekend for gamers as there'll be news about Insomniac's Spider-Man game Star Wars Battlefront II and Kingdom Hearts III The reveals are coming as a part of D 's games show called Level Up It takes place tomorrow June at PM PT PM ET PM BST It'll be livestreamed on Twitch Facebook and YouTube Gaming personalities JackSepticEye and Strawburry will be hosting Of the three games to be talked…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Coming in 2018

The newest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III revealed that the long-awaited sequel will be coming in Revealed during the D Expo a new trailer showcasing Toy Story as a Kingdom Hearts III world also confirmed the game will be released in for PlayStation and Xbox One Fans have long awaited a release window for the sequel following Square's first officially debut of Kingdom Hearts III at E The last numbered sequel Kingdom Hearts II first released in while several other games including the prequel Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep have been released in the interim Continue reading…

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New Kingdom Hearts 3 World Revealed

Disney and Square Enix revealed Toy Story as the newest world coming to Kingdom Hearts III via new trailer The new trailer was previously teased via the Kingdom Hearts III Orchestra trailer last month The footage showcased Sora Donald and Goofy fighting in Andy's room from Toy Story The trio stood at the same size as Andy's other toys and met Woody Buzz Lightyear and more characters from the Pixar franchise The trailer also confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will be released on PlayStation and Xbox One in Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Will Release 2018, Watch Video Of New Toy Story World

Today at Disney's D expo the company showed off a little bit more Kingdom Hearts the result of of its collaboration with developer Square Enix and finally confirmed a release timeframe While we don't know what month Kingdom Hearts will release sometime in Square showed an in-depth combat and boss trailer just before E earlier this year but this new video goes even deeper revealing a new world to explore in the game based on the Toy Story franchise You can check it out above soon including a short scene between Sora and Woody Buzz and a few other Toy…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 arrives in 2018, to fans’ relief

It only took years of waiting Continue reading…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Says ‘Maybe’ to Switch Version

Kingdom Hearts director Tetsuya Nomura says a Nintendo Switch version of Kingdom Hearts or Xbox One versions of the Kingdom Hearts HD I and II ReMix or Kingdom Hearts HD II Final Chapter Prologue collections could be possible in the future but only after existing versions of Kingdom Hearts are complete Speaking to IGN at D Expo today Nomura said he isn t ruling out Kingdom Hearts coming to Nintendo Switch eventually but wants to fulfill the promise of the PS and Xbox One versions before the team focuses on additional platforms Continue reading…

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A Deep Dive Into the Kingdom Hearts 3 D23 Expo Trailer

The latest Kingdom Hearts D Expo trailer gave us a brand new world Pixar s finally joined the Kingdom Hearts family and a release year but there are also plenty of new combat details So as the trailer itself says let s dive right in Watch the video above to follow along with our deep dive into the newest Kingdom Hearts trailer or read on for more information on what the D Expo look showcased The trailer lends further credence to the idea that Keyblades no longer seemingly need to be won at the end of saving a world Sora…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Confirms Gummi Ship Will Return

Game director Tetsuya Nomura has confirmed that Kingdom Hearts III will indeed mark the return of the Gummi Ship We can confirm that we do have Gummi Ships in Kingdom Hearts because it is a numbered Kingdom Hearts title Nomura confirmed to IGN at D Expo You can expect that to show up but it has evolved We can't say how it has evolved it's a secret but Gummi Ships will be in Kingdom Hearts III Gummi Ships were featured in both Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II It was one of the more criticized aspects of original game so…

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Directing Final Fantasy 7 Remake And Kingdom Hearts 3 Together Made Life Easier For Nomura

Kingdom Hearts and the Final Fantasy remake are two of the mostly eagerly anticipated games in development right now and they re being directed by the same man Square Enix's Tetsuya Nomura who has previously worked extensively on both franchises During a group interview at Disney's D expo he explained how the two new games have proved the perfect complements to one another for him as director I don t really feel any sort of hurdles or difficulty because the two titles are so different he said It actually works to my advantage because they re so different If both…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 Director Tetsuya Nomura Explains What Took So Long

Kingdom Hearts has been a long time coming and despite the series many spin-offs remakes and re-releases fans are hungry for another adventure with Sora and friends It s been years since Kingdom Hearts came out on PS and in a recent group interview at Disney s D expo game director Tetsuya Nomura explained what s taken so long A lot of people have been mentioning and making it sound like Oh Nomura s taking too much time and it hurts Nomura said through a translator He explained that the decision was made above his head to switch development to…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 gives you a much bigger team to fight with

No more swapping out Donald or Goofy Continue reading…

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8 Cool Things We Learned About Kingdom Hearts 3

The D Expo trailer for Kingdom Hearts III confirmed both a brand-new Toy world for the sequel as well as a release window IGN had a chance to speak with series co-creator and Kingdom Hearts III co-director Tetsuya Nomura about the sequel In addition to learning about whether there s any potential for a Kingdom Hearts III Switch version that the game might feature a second playable character and the return of the Gummi Ship Nomura offered plenty of new details about the upcoming sequel Continue reading…

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My Kingdom for Kingdom Hearts 3

Welcome back to Game Scoop IGN's weekly video game talk show This week we're discussing Kingdom Hearts the Ataribox and more Watch the video above or download the podcast below Download Game Scoop Episode Or subscribe in iTunes and never miss an episode Subscribe to the Game Scoop YouTube channel and never miss a video…

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More Screenshots Of Kingdom Hearts 3's Toy Story World Released

Following the new Kingdom Hearts III trailer that was revealed at Disney's D expo Square Enix has shared a handful of Japanese screenshots from the anticipated sequel This batch of images are taken from the new trailer and give fans another look at the recently unveiled Toy Story world as well as a few other aspects of the game As Disney revealed this past weekend one of the new worlds that Sora and company will explore in Kingdom Hearts III is Andy's room the primary setting of Pixar's iconic film franchise Toy Story Sora Donald and Goofy all take on…

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Kingdom Hearts 3 makes good on PlayStation’s apocryphal promise

Finally a game that looks exactly like Toy Story Continue reading…

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