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Ghost Recon Phantoms Standard Issue Bundle (PC) Key

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Ghost Recon Phantoms game is a Free to Play game set in the universe Ghost Recon . This is a free shooter where the only victory is the victory of the team. Teamwork is essential for victory in each of the scenarios, using combat tactics and use their unique abilities to save friends the most difficult situations . Phantoms Ghost Recon Standard Issue Bundle includes an essential collection of weapons, tactical gear and more to dominate any battlefield and create our own style of play . Contains more than EUR 40 worth of items in the game. The Standard Issue Bundle includes the following weapons : Mk 16 , PM5 ( Assault ) Sentinel SR-1, PP2000 , MK 46, PM5 ( Specialist). Also includes the following armor : Tier III Special -edition OPM Tactical Suit ( Assault ) , Tier III Special -edition OPM Tactical Suit ( Recon ) , Tier III Special -edition OPM Tactical Suit ( Specialist). And also the following bonus : 7- Day 50 % XP / RP boost, Grenades 50x , 20x Storage Space and 20 game rounds of Special Ammo.



February 17, 2016

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January 25, 2016