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Description & requirements

Fortnite's new sking, Wonder Outfit, is now available. We are before a code that will activate in our game account the access to that Skin.

It's a promotional skin that will be available to anyone who buys a HONOR 20 Series phone. This offer is made specifically for people who don't have the option to get the phone but want the Skin. 

Please note that this product is exclusive to the Epic Game Store, and any Fortnite Wonder Outfit key or cd key purchased at a store other than the official store must be redeemed in our EPIC STORE account to proceed with the download of the game.

If we buy from a non-official store, activation is very simple. First we must create an Epic Game account or access it if we already have one, and download the Launcher. 

Comments and reviews

it's nice and rare but a little expensive for this price maybe it's alright but you have to love fortnite to get these types of addons for the game.


My first Battle Royale Game I've ever played, i will never forget it, it was really a good game but what I hate on Fortnite is when I try to shoot enemy and hers starting to building walls around him...its so annoying but everything else is fine. Its the begining of the royale games, how could I forget it....


i love this skin so much its so beautiful i want to by it but its too much money for me and i cant afford that so if you can make it cheaper i would but it for sure


this is one outfit i am willing to buy as it is a reasonable price and it seems legit. wont know till i buy it but meh it ok eather way. but it would be awesome if i could get it for free


im saving my money for the outfit rn. i need it. its really one of the cheaper offer i could find. others are usually around 40-100e so this almost seems as bang for your buck


Its so nice and rare because its expensive and i want it but its so not cheap pls give it me thnx pls pls give it to me. Can i pls have it somenone

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