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Description & requirements

Fortnite is a game that presents us the sport of the future and consists of a bloody cooperative sport of survival in which factors such as exploration, dealing with waves of monsters, the manufacture of all types of weapons and the construction of fortifications will be very important elements.

We will be able to collect all kinds of materials that we will later use to create our fortifications, fortifications that will be very useful to keep us from the legions of monsters that will attack us at all hours.

The constructions that we make will be totally formable, that is to say, we will be able to edit each wall to fortify it, to put a window from where to shoot, to create high battlements like castle and to shoot from above, to place all type of explosive traps to brake to the legions of Zombies and in short, a huge amount of possibilities that guarantee us a virtually unlimited gameplay.

In addition, both terrain and maps are generated at random, which increases even more diversity and modes of play. Also all the weaponry we can get on each map is random, from melee weapons to powerful precision rifles.

The game includes four different classes with various abilities: Soldier, Outlander, Ninja and Builder, each with unique abilities and customizations.

Comments and reviews

Wow, I wish so much to get this for free! I been playing this game so much altely and invested so much effort into learning to build... it is awesome how this game grown!


Fortnite is one of the best games ive ever played, it has amazing features and is constanly updated so that you never get bored of it !!!!!!!


i've been playing fortnite for about a year, and i kinda got bored of it. The only reason i play it now is that it's still fun to play with friends. So, I do recomend this game but only if you have someone to play it with


the game was fun in about season 2 but in my opinion it just gets old after 30mins , but still very fun with friends and the new playgrounds made the game fresh for me well for a bit


I've tried to get into fortnite multiple times, but it's really just not a great game. It gets old real quick. Not worth sinking any money into.


buen juego para jugar con tus amigos divertirse reirse y conocer gente nueva, cuanto más aprendes mas fácil es y mas ganas tienes de jugar.Sacan buenas skins y buenos easter eggs


This game is pretty solid, mechanics are fine and gameplay overall is pretty good, but I have to mention that it gets repetitive pretty fast.


I need to start playing this game. I never played it, just watching others and cherering... XD


A cheeky fav of mine. Yes i know its all a bit of a gimmick but its actually quite good. Few pals online and make a night of it. Good old gaming at its finest!! 10/10


I love this game, it's very funny, i always play it with my friends i got 1# battle royale so many times!!! it's my favorite game, i like updates because they have very nice thingies!!!!

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